Friday 17 April 2020

The oncologist pulled no punches, stomach cancer at this stage was difficult to treat and almost impossible to cure

I appreciate that Lola gave me credit for this healing, but it’s a partnership. Lola’s as influential to the outcome as I. during healings, I work in partnership with spirit and Lola’s spirit/consciousness. 
Thank you, Lola, for this testimonial. 

It was May of last year when I heard about Simon. In January 2019, I had blown out an ulcer and, after stomach surgery to patch the ulcer, received the devastating news I had stage 4 terminal stomach cancer. According to docs, it was very likely caused by mets (metastasis: the spread of cancer cells from the place where they first formed to another part of the body) from the breast cancer I had overcome with surgery back in 2005.

The oncologist pulled no punches and stated that stomach cancer at this stage was difficult to treat and almost impossible to cure. So, we made a deal. I refused chemo
(at 77 years of age, I wasn’t going to put myself through that) and he agreed to keep me as comfortable and pain-free as possible. I did agree to taking a hormone blocker pill once a day, but that and pain pills are the only cancer treatments I have received. I did take some vitamins but the oncologist was quite certain they would have no effect.

I had a real episode in May with pain. A CT scan and PET scan revealed hot spots in my ribs, spine and stomach. I was desperate for relief when I booked the first sessions with Simon. It was amazing but within a few days of the sessions, the pain just went away. During the scheduled times for sessions, I put on meditation music, relax and concentrate on clearing my mind and imagining the cancer disappearing. I had strange sensations during these sessions: twinges, heat, pressure, and even pain sometimes. I often jot down how the sessions go and share these with Simon afterwards.

I remained relatively pain free until end of October when the pain started again. On Thanksgiving Day I had another session with Simon. The pain did not abate within a few days as it had in the past and I was thinking, “Well, sometimes maybe nothing will work.” I feared that maybe this was the end of the line and that we had done all we could do.

It was amazing, within a week or less, the pain once again just melted away. What a blessed relief, but I feared the cancer was still there and maybe worse than ever. The oncologist suggested another PET scan so we would know exactly what we were dealing with and maybe respond more aggressively. The PET scan was scheduled for the 5th of March. I had communicated during this time with Simon to keep him informed of what was happening.  My doctor’s appt. was for March 13th 2020.  Friday the thirteenth! How is that for a portent? I was dreading this.

Slightly scowling and quite serious looking, my doctor came into the waiting room.  Oh no. He sat, spread out a piece of paper on the desk and burst into the biggest grin.
He read from the piece of paper, the results of the PET scan and of my routine blood test. “No evidence for FDG avid malignancy.”  He asked me if I knew what that meant? I said no. He responded that there was NO evidence of active cancer. He had printed out the results of the PET scan and had even underlined that particular sentence. He was so tickled with himself and I was stunned. Speechless.

The oncologist went on to read, “Previously noted multifocal osseous uptake has resolved and the affected bones have become sclerotic, indicating treated disease.  Resolution of abnormal uptake in right axilla.” He said the bone was repairing itself, or that is what I understood him to say. 
I know Simon was working on me like mad during these last few weeks/months and I will be forever grateful.

All during this past year, my oncologist has always said during my monthly visits, “you know your progress has been atypical, don't you?” Well, no, not really, but if it means I’m not getting worse then I am a happy camper. I give Simon all the credit for helping me with the pain and particularly the cancer in my stomach. He worked on that first thing 'way back when' and I never had any stomach pain or discomfort after that first session.

I am so thankful that I found Simon. I fear my outcome might have been very different if not for his help and intervention. Thank the Lord for him and his wonderful gift.

Lola H.
Virginia, USA

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