Friday 4 February 2011

Soul Healing, Energy Healing, Altered Consciousness & Spirit Guide

These healings are examples of human potential, they’re also fun, and I’m grateful that Gary lets me share them.

Gary goes into an altered-state when I’m healing him, and he has no control over what he’s doing or saying. With most clients I’ll see anatomical and cellular images, but with Gary I lose that ability. He, the intelligence of his energy field, consciousness, and spirit, is controlling his healing. With other clients I see their energy bodies, a body of light overlaid over their physical bodies, doing similar movements. I also see spirit-healers working on my clients. It’s not necessary to have Gary’s response to be healed, but its evidence of what’s possible. Gary, with a little help from me, is self-healing.

You’ll notice at 3:15 Gary looks like he’s pulling his shirt down. This is the first time he has done this, and at the time I was thinking I’d pull his shirt down for him. Gary/consciousness is aware of what I’m thinking. Everything is connected and communicates: Gary, me, spirit, the room, my neighbourhood, and …

In the second video Gary sings and talks in another language. This is the voice of one of his guides. He’s singing to connect with and bless the earth, spirit, and me. When he first started doing this I’d hear the English translation in my mind, but now my mind is silent—I just enjoy his singing. At the end of the video Gary looks distressed, he/the spirit is dying, and I’ve witnessed some graphic deaths. These are Gary’s past lives, but he’s also experienced other deaths on the healing table. Spirit uses him to pass other spirits into the light. If you have any questions, leave a comment, and I’ll try to answer them.

There is a third part, but I need to transcribe the audio. Talk soon.

Healing Gary 25 Jan 2011 Part 1 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

Healing Gary 25 Jan 2011 Part 2 from Simon Hay on Vimeo.

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  1. Wow thanks for sharing Gary & Simon once again you are totally amazing and talented to hook in to spirit so quickly and willingly be guided by their messages, and their healing priorites. Keep up the good work. Christina

  2. Thank you Simon and Gary beautiful and amazing, will be looking out for part 3. The work you do and how you are guided fill me with both love and hope
    love Suzie

  3. I am loving the videos with you and Gary. It's very comforting. My friends and I do healing on each other once a week. Very occasionally I will sing in an unknown language while I am healing. Luckily we are all close friends and comfortable when things get unusual! This just makes me feel less crazy. lol I don't tend to hear or see spirit very well, but I get very strong feelings and have like an inner knowing. With the singing it's not like I can hear it or understand or translate it though, it just seems to come through me and I am often just as surprised as my friends. :) Your blog and videos are really helping with my confidence. Thank you so much for you both to share your experiences like this. I find it so moving. You open me up with love and possibilites. :)

  4. Hi Simon,
    I have really enjoyed the videos of you and Gary. I love the work you do and your willingness to share it. You are an inspiration.
    #love #angels #cowboys

  5. Christina, Suzie, thank you, and thanks for commenting.

    Jen, you're welcome, and relax and have fun when you work with spirit. The singing while you work is exciting.

    Lisa, I love you too :)

  6. Do you have a facebook account or fanpage Simon?
    I am really not into viewing post but always online on FB. Please share some info. :)