Monday 22 August 2011

Rocking the Baby!

I have these phrases that I use to describe aspects of my work. Often, during healing's, I see my client's energy-bodies sit up out of the physical body. These bodies interact with me, not Simon the man, but with my soul, or the spirit overlaid in my energy field. At times, even though I'm aware of the position and pose of my body, I feel like an angel. Sometimes I can even feel wings. Are they real?

The client's energy-body embraces me and often I feel, and see that I'm cradling the client in my arms – rocking the baby. Occasionally, clients will tell me that they also experienced this. It's a powerful moment. I also hear a voice in my mind soothing the client, “Shh, baby, shh.”

Sometimes I'll say this out loud: if the client is crying or I'm seeing childhood trauma, teen abuse, violence, addictive self harming behaviours. I call my children babe, and I wonder if the voice uses those words because they're mine, or angels talk like that too.
 My neighbour's tree.

North Pine dam. 20 minutes down the road.
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  1. The neighbour's tree looks like some kind of banksia.But I don't really know trees that well, it just reminded me of the Australian banksia we've got in our garden. The wild birds are beautiful too.

    I think the angels - or any Divine energies - talk through us and to us in the language both the healer and the wounded will be most comfortable with. :)

    Judy, South Africa

  2. Hi Judy. The tree is a grevillea, which I believe is in the banksia family. I also agree that language I hear is perfect for both me and the client. The wings are interesting, because I wonder if angels actually have wings, or they have wings because we believe they do.