Thursday 3 December 2009

Karma (?)

If I ask spirit about the universal law of karma, they reply, "Karma is not a bond that ties you to the past. It is free flowing, and cannot be contained within or by human thought. It is present as you are present. Every thought, attitude, action, and form, creates ripples within and without the universe."

The universe of consciousness?

"If you wish. If you had no language, no harmony of sense, there'd be nothing to consider, and we'd not be having this conversation, and karma would not be."

Be what?

"Whatever you wish it to be."

When spirit asked me to be a healer, they also asked me to be responsible for everything. Not only my life, every life, everything: the first lie and every lie after, every act of violence, every moment of fear ...

There is only one memory, and the vibrations of our past, the sins of our fathers, resonate within us all, in all life, and we repeat the patterns of the past. We have the tools and the opportunity to stop wars, heal illness, and restore a pristine environment, but we lack the will.

As we have created, we can re-create.

Oil is already an obsolete industry, we have the technologies for clean sustainable energy, but we are greedy. The toxins in our food, our homes, our media, are killing us, but still we continue. So the vibration of memory/life/our evolution is set at we wish to die, slowly, by poison, by greed, by war, by lack of will ...

A young child is walking on a side walk and a car careens into her and kills her. The child is innocent and lives with a peaceful beautiful family. Karma? I don't believe so, we are all responsible. We designed the automobile. A one tonne piece of steel, harder than flesh. We drive too fast, we drive drunk, we drive while texting, and we drive on the streets where our children play.

These are the things spirit talk to me about. One life six billion people. One mind six billion lives

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  1. If we have only one memory and we de-create, it sounds as though we would no longer exist.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Hi Helen. You always keep me on my toes. I love your comments. Perhaps I should have said recreate. We can change how we evolve, but to do so the patterns of the past need to be overthrown. We will always exist in consciousness.

    I can feel a follow up post coming. Thanks, Simon.

  3. "Re-create" makes more sense to me too. It reminds me of "Matter cannot be created or destroyed; it only changes form."

    Thanks for your comment on my blog

    - Elsa Neal