Thursday 26 November 2009


I’m asked all the time to run workshops on how to heal: how do you do it, and what exactly do you do? The easy answer is that I change habit. I know, I’ve used the word habit in previous posts, but this is the easiest way to grasp exactly what the healing accomplishes.

Every thought, emotion, attitude, and action has a unique frequency/vibration. If my great grandfather was an alcoholic, it’s likely my grandfather, father, and me, will be alcoholics. If my father died before I was born, it’s still possible for me to be an alcoholic, or attract a partner who is an alcoholic.

The frequency is in our genes/the collective energy field, it is reactive, and if by chance we avoid becoming an alcoholic, we might experience another addictive behaviour, or be the victim of an addictive behaviour. With my work I see, within consciousness (include the body), subtle layers/pathways/life-systems of energy.

I change the frequency to perfect health. The complete subtle energy field of your person/life has a memory and some people will fall off the wagon. Clients become the doorway to heal everybody in spirit, generations of lifetimes, and the immediate family and friends.

I’ve known this for some time and I’ve been shown some tragic examples of this in the last few weeks.

A young woman died in a car accident. The driver of the other vehicle committed suicide by driving into her car. He had tried to ram another vehicle minutes before. The woman’s partner had friends and family who had also died in car crashes and suicided, and now his wife, not related, had died the same way. The husband’s frequency is vibrating at, loss by car crash and suicide.

Here’s another one. I’m working with a man who has a brain tumour, he is dying. His father died from a brain tumour, and his first wife died thirty years ago from a brain tumour. The man was still a boy when his father died. He married a woman who died from the same illness and left behind a two and four year old.

Coincidence? Maybe, but I hear similar stories from my clients all the time.

Here’s another example without the tragedy. A TV game show has run a second chance show this week. Previous contestants who had left the show without a major win have been invited back to try again. The top prize is 200k and contestants consistently win tens of thousands of dollars. Every contestant this week has won low again, or at the final decision has chosen correctly to avoid the same winning amount they had the last time.

In this example, the fear of failure or the fear of winning only $10 again will cause you to pick the case with $10 dollars in it.

How can we avoid this pattern? Hope, intent, will, faith … (fill the space), the absence of fear.

Here’s a story that might shed some light on this theory/discovery. For generations every woman in this family miscarry their baby’s or the baby’s are born with a disability. The illness is not important, the story is true. Doctors believe they have found out why and do extensive tests on one generation. There is hope, a gene has been indentified that might be causing this occurrence. The next generation have healthy babies without intervention. In the next generation the gene shows up in one mother, but she has two children regardless. Both children have the disability.

Think about what this means energetically. With hope and no medical intervention the gene disappears. It emerges again, but this the risk is ignored. Energetically this is a disaster. The family is enormous and, with new relationships, new genes are introduced, and yet the reactive spark of the frequency that heralds disability remains.

I liken this to muscle memory that athletes have. In this scenario the athlete is the family and he/she has retired, but the memory remains. The response on the healing table is a window of opportunity to change your life.

The disappearance of the gene is a window of opportunity. The reactive spark lingers and the family is tested. The gene/frequency is now vibrating at, I will not go away and this family welcomes illness. Is that all a little melodramatic? Maybe, but spirit is encouraging me to continue.

Every week I see cases of this and then little miracles happen while healing. Last week a lady’s neck realigned on the table without any contact. She smiled and described the crack, crack, crack she had experienced. I had one hand on her navel and the other on her leg, and was busy giving her a mediumship reading at the time.

My frequency at the time was tuned to, spirit-is-here-lets-get-the-job-done-FM. I’m vibrating at I love you, let go, give me your pain, you’re beautiful, and perfect health. Her soul was saying, “run the hot tub and cleanse my body, and don’t skimp on the love-me-good.” But her life was saying, “I’m lonely, betrayed, I feel old, worn out, and I don’t like myself. I don’t think I ever did.”

Consciousness/God/universe/life is talking to us all the time. “Be happy, you’re an angel, I love you.”

Do you know how I heal? I listen. Faith, hope, will, love …

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  1. If the doctors remove the destructive gene and after a couple of generations pass the "muscle" forgets the memory and new people no longer even know the bad gene existed in the family, does this change the cycle?

    Straight From Hel

  2. Hi Helen,

    That's a good question. I think science would say that you can't change your genes, but you can change how your genes work. This is an interesting article
    I believe, because I'm encouraged by spirit, that we can change everything.

    I'd say yes to your question, but the potential for change, good or bad, is always present.

    I've worked with clients who have had a hysterectomy and I still 'see' the uterus. I'm still working with the energy that caused them to have the hysterectomy. I can find the same energy in a grand child. I can see/sense the grandmother's uterus and the emotional/physical condition.

  3. Dear Simon,
    This way of looking at conditions is interesting and resonates with some ideas I have about my psychic readings. I feel that one reason I am able to tell clients what will happen is because people are resistant to change and unless they willfully decide to go against "habit" their future is fated, but if they do change or make a difficult choice in a decision they can jump into a different space or alternate universe like an electron jumps orbits in quantum space.
    Best wishes,

  4. Ye I totally agree with this!! My family has a whole history of addiction passed down generation to generation. On my Mothers side alone, she has 8 brothers and sister, all of whom are addicts. In turn all of their kids turned out to be addicts. I don't want to say it skipped my Mother, I think it has more to do with her strength and character, but she never touched anything. As for me and my brother were weren't so strong but the ironic thing to me is my sister never touched anything either. Thanks for sharing!! Jason