Sunday 18 October 2009

That Crazy Thing Called Love

If you come to me for healing, sometime during the session, I'll tell you that I love you. Most people assume I mean in a spiritual way, or that I’m channelling a higher consciousness, a divine healing love, and, because I’m eccentric and sensitive, I’ve expressed out loud my love for the power of healing.

"Surely he doesn’t mean he loves me?" Yes I do. Often people say to me that I can heal because I come from a place of love, I have a higher vibration, or I must be enlightened enough to be a channel for unconditional love. Well, how do they know, a what, and do you want to have a beer with me?

I don’t believe I’m a channel for unconditional love. Unconditional love is our greatest potential and is the sibling of perfect health, harmony, and peace. A place of love? Is that a holy place, a moment of connection with God consciousness, a soup of calm utopian emotions, or a peaceful state of mindfulness? Maybe all or none of those descriptions, and if I have a higher vibration, by suggestion you must have a low vibration. "I’m sorry, this is a high vibration bar only; you can drink in the public bar." Now that’s not right.

I’m not unique, but my vibration or frequency is my own. Every letter I’m typing, motion, thought, and the squillion (is that a real number?) things that happen in our bodies at the same time all have a unique vibrational frequency. We’re all in the infinite pool of something. If God is everything, aren’t we by definition God? Gods! Ooops, there goes my credibility. "He thinks he’s a God."

My healing gift is not measured against or controlled by my moods, my diet, or my love for rugby and all things Australian—it simply is. The choices in my life are only choices, often made because of generational, social, and cultural habit. The frequency of habit is in my genes, my cellular energy, and my consciousness: divine, common, observed, ignored, its disharmony or symphony permeates my life.

Do I love everybody? I have to admit I have a little trouble with this outside the healing room, but this feeling is something spirit has encouraged me to express when I’m healing. I’m sincere, I love you. I see how beautiful you are when you cannot. I see perfect health.

Why do we always separate something spiritual from the physical? All parts of life reincarnate and remain constant. Our bodies reincarnate into the earth's environment as easily as the returning of our souls. If there’s only one soul, one spirit, one consciousness, one divine; then reincarnation is only vocabulary used to describe something that is constant.

An important part of the process of healing is my ability to love you. I can only feel that way because that feeling is in you. We’re living different parts of the one life; exciting, unparalleled, extraordinary, and tantalisingly similar parts of the one life.

My whole body hums with love for you. No, not in a creepy I’m going to stalk you way, but in a, maybe this is how we’re supposed to live way. We share anger as powerfully as we share love, and this indefinable God is found equally in both emotions.

I see spirit, angels, and things my imagination and love of Dean Koontz novels couldn’t possibly create, so its hard for me to believe they’re not real, but reality is perception, and as intricate and as varied as describing the infinite pool.

I’ll share this though; all the angels and spirits who frequent my healing room look at us with unforeseen awe and respect, and they tell me we are the angels. We are the lucky ones. By definition angels and miracles are, well, angelic and miraculous, but we have this around the wrong way.

I love you, because I can. It’s what makes us angels.

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