Tuesday 28 September 2010

Healing Responses

If you’re considering booking an appointment with me, or participating in the 100 free healings offer, then I’d advise reading this article. I’ve attempted to make this list as comprehensive as possible, but I’m constantly surprised by the responses my clients experience, and it’s likely that you might experience something I’ve not witnessed before. This list is in no particular order, and you might experience all, some, or none of these responses.

• Sleep state. It’s rare for clients not to relax enough to fall asleep. They’re often unaware of this until they wake. They describe hearing the music, but not being able to feel their body, and are surprised when I tell them they’ve been twitching and snoring.
• OBE (out of body experience). Not many clients record leaving their bodies, but often coming back is uncomfortable and you might feel nauseous, sluggish, disorientated, dizzy, fearful, cold, or flushed.
• Puff breathing. Every client who falls asleep breathes the same way. When they exhale their lips pop open and air is expelled in a rush. The duration and time between puffs varies, but everyone seems to do it.
• Crying. The majority of clients cry at some time during the healing. Some people cry silently, others sob uncontrollably. Often they don’t know why they’re crying, they just need to.
• Spasmodic twitching and movements. The most common is rapid eye movement and head shaking.
• Floating. It’s common for limbs to float off the table.
• An aroused sensual response. Men have gotten erections and women have orgasmed on the healing table. 90% of my clients are women and many of them experience a feeling similar to arousal in varying degrees.
• You may believe that you’ve been rolled over, but you haven’t actually moved.
• Loss of feeling. It may feel like you’re floating above the table, or on water. You’re aware, but you can’t feel anything.
• Heightened senses and sensitivity (this is one of the reasons for the sensual response). Sense of smell and hearing is amplified and even though your eyes might be closed you will still see the room.
• Pain. This is a strange one, but occasionally clients experience pain. I think the main reason is because of nervousness or fear, but I also believe it’s an unconscious desire for physical proof something is happening and the body field creates evidence. Residue emotion—anger, frustration, fear, guilt, hatred, self-loathing—in the energy field can cause physical pain when it’s shifting. Assisted by spirit, the intelligence of the body field self-manipulates muscles and joints, and sometimes minor pain is experienced.
• Communication and interaction with spirit. I’ve seen client’s hands floating in the air holding onto a parent’s or grandparent’s hand. Mothers who have lost a child will feel them in their arms or womb. Clients frequently tell me that they’ve seen and talked to family in spirit, angels, guides, and Jesus. It’s common to feel spirits hands on you. Sometimes I step away from the table and clients will still feel hands resting on them.
• A slideshow of images of moments in this life and past lives are often seen by clients. This usually accompanies the rapid eye movements.
• Gurgling, popping, and movement through the body. Often the sounds, similar to digestive sounds, follow the movements of my hand.
• A full bladder.
• Involuntary gasping or screaming.
• All emotions.
• Relive and act out moments in your life.
• A youthful appearance.
• Changes in eye colour.
• A depressed response. I’ve noticed about one in fifteen clients will feel depressed and vulnerable after a healing. This usually sets in six to twelve hours after the healing. If this happens I’ll need to see you again or give you a distant healing as soon as possible. By neutralising the reactive frequencies in your field you no longer feel like yourself. This shift in identity and how you now interact energetically with the world overwhelms some people. In every instance the second healing fixes this feeling.
Gary’s response.

There are many more subtle and unique responses, but these are the most common. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

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  1. so excited Simon!!! Can't wait.. I cannot express the thanks I have for you!! I've been dealing with these issues since I was 12 years old. I turn 31 on October 1st.. So u can see I have been waiting a while.. Lotz of Love, Jason

  2. Thanks Simon .. I've printed the list out - so I can mention it to my mother and discuss it with her .. she's accepting .. so that is great for someone stroked.

    All the best - Hilary

  3. I feel sure I'd be one of those that fall asleep. When I wake up, I'm up. But when I lie down, I'm out pretty quickly, especially if it's quiet.

  4. Hi Simon,
    I am glowing from your healing last night.What an experience. I experienced many physical sensations,slept a little about 20 mins in for maybe 15 I think and then had the best sleep.I woke up with spirit guiding me.Looking forward to talking with you. I can see that so many people will benefit from your gift
    with love and hugs

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