Friday 1 October 2010

What to Expect After a Healing

There has been a lot of interest in the 100 free healings offer and since I can’t respond to every email I will try to answer the questions in a series of posts.

The most common response to healing that I hear from my clients is, “I feel great,” but often they can’t describe what has changed; they just feel different. This post will help you to identify what has changed and promote further healing, and I’d also recommend reading this post on self-healing.

Like the healing responses during a healing I don’t know what you will experience after. I’ve witnessed extraordinary medical responses with some clients only to have the illness or injury reappear weeks or months later. Ultimately the client is in control of what happens in the future, and in these cases I’d suggest the clients hadn’t changed the way they think or feel about themselves. Self-awareness, observation, action, and courage are needed to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Success ranges from negligible to miraculous and even though I’ve done countless healings I can’t guarantee or predict the response.

There are two common pathways of healing:

• Clients leave smiling and live a pain and illness free life, and I don’t hear from them again until they refer a new client to me twelve months later.
• Clients leave dazed and then experience fatigue, mood shifts, depression, temporarily relive past injuries, illness, and emotions—one client had acne, similar to what she had as a teenager, for a day, her breasts ached for six hours, she experienced the pain of a ten year old knee injury for an hour, she sobbed uncontrollably for half a day, and she had flu like symptoms for a day—over time these incidences fade and health and joy manifests, seemingly from nowhere and sometimes without the client noticing. One day they just feel great.

Of course there are numerous variations on these outcomes, and some clients re-book because the experience is so bloody good and they like the stories I tell. I never advise my clients to re-book, I let them make that decision, but with chronic illness’ I like to see clients more than once, and I also like to see immediate family members.

Depression and addictive behaviours are more difficult to shift and clients have to be proactive in changing thinking patterns and behaviour. I’ve had immediate success with depression a few times, but usually there are follow up appointments.

I don’t ever advise anyone to stop taking prescribed medication or to stop seeing their doctors. I’ve had clients who have been unable to take drugs after seeing me, they can’t even put the tablet into their mouths, but this is a decision you should discuss with your doctor.

I’ve also had the same response with smokers. I saw a client four days in a row and she was unable to smoke after the sessions. The first day she forced herself to smoke ten cigarettes, but she felt nauseous after. By the fourth day she didn’t have the desire to smoke. Apparently, four months later she started smoking again. The intelligence of our energy fields, if we pay attention, will guide us to health, but we’re in control. Be mindful of what you’re creating. Be responsible.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. Talk soon.

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  1. Well this is very interesting. I sure hope I don't need a 1/2 day in NY to recover. LOL

  2. You'll be fine Tess. The majority of clients get an immediate 'I'm feeling fantastic response.' I'm just sharing as much information as I can so everyone knows what to expect. I'll see you soon. NY!

  3. Hi Simon .. thanks for this .. would you have any guidance or potential answers for my mother - I can see her asking how she'll feel ..

    Many thanks - Hilary