Tuesday 7 September 2010

It’s Our Thoughts and Intentions That Create

I thought I’d share an incident that highlights the connection between healer/reader and client. To accelerate healing or evolve a reading spirit needs the client to be interactive: think, act, and ultimately create.

I was a guest speaker at a spiritual church a few weeks ago, and the first thing I said to a gentleman in the audience was, “I feel like I have a wooden leg,” and I gestured to which leg and tapped my leg. The gesture and posture change happen when spirit is overlayed in my energy field.

Usually I’m not a name or number guy. I’ll get names that sound like: Ray, Kay, May, etc. It may be that the name I’m searching for is Mr/Miss Day. I’m comfortable and confident with the way that I receive the information, and as much as I’d like to get the names accurately and every time I don’t allow this trait to undermine my confidence.

I had no acknowledgement from the man that the wooden leg was important. I then said, “I’m on your father’s side, grandparent generation, I feel separated from the family, so this indicates to me I’m talking about an uncle or someone like an uncle.” No response. “I feel that this man lived through the Second World War, but didn’t lose his leg during the war.” No response. I then described his build and temperament, and the random images I was seeing. No response.

I know I’m right, but I’ve had no response, and it’s now I feel the connection with the spirit disengaging, and the other three spirits that had lined up to speak to the man disappeared. I finish speaking to the man and turn to someone else, and now he says, “My uncle Jock had a wooden leg.”

He hadn’t forgotten; he was waiting for me to say, “Jock.” He was testing me, and I’ve been in this situation before, and it messes up the reading. All he had to do was smile or tell me he had a relative with a wooden leg and the information would’ve flowed freely.

I know of a brilliant psychic medium who was set up by a sceptic and a journalist, and unwittingly she continued talking, but the information was inaccurate. The information doesn’t stop, it’s just skewed. This incident undermined the reader’s confidence and they considered retiring. Thankfully, because this reader is amazing, they did not.

The client has the power to influence a reading and a healing.

I don’t mind if you’re a sceptic, but be honest. It’s called a conversation, and before we speak we think, and it’s our thoughts and intentions that create.
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  1. Hi Simon .. interesting - I can understand that happening .. I've learnt (I hope) to be more open to the possibilities of life - but so many others come to a reading as 'cold' without having thought about the other side of the coin - the possibilities of people, like yourself, being able to 'read' .. interesting story .. thanks for sharing it .. Hilary

  2. I appreciated this post and learned a great deal. I can see why non-communication can block a reading...I attempt to be open, but then after the reading all these doubts about believing strongly enough come pouring in...and I need to interpret...
    I also find skeptical folks help me learn...I don't always ask the right questions to get answers I can understand..

    Very interesting thank you for sharing.

    I am trying to decide about sharing your offer of a healing with my young friend who has stage 4 lung cancer which has moved to brain and hip...well she may just dump me as a friend on her page...I suppose that would be the worst..but I do not know if she is open or not...too much distance...I just wish to help her so much because I remember a lovely person and one with young children...hmmm

  3. He was stubborn to the end, wasn't he?

  4. Hi Simon,

    I think this is called self sabatoge, eh? He cheated himself.

  5. Oh my gosh, to me, this is amazing. I can't even imagine having your gift. I've been a skeptic in the past, thinking that the person in the audience MUST be a plant. I keep thinking there's no way someone can actually see and feel these things! You blow me away with this information...seriously.

  6. That's interesting. We can close off and (as Tess said) sabotage our opportunities in so many ways.


  7. Hi Simon,

    Many people justify being skeptical of mediums and healers because of those who have tried to cheat others. I once knew a person who was making a living from doing readings. She also intentionally lied to a lot of people (myself included) and she ended up causing a lot of pain.

    I think it is people like that who make it hard for people like you who are genuinely gifted and who are doing what they are doing out of love and conviction and not just for money.

    It was great reading your perspective because it is nice to see what it is like to be in the shoes of another.

  8. Hi everyone, thanks for commenting.

    Nadia, I agree, and I've met readers who have intentionally misled vulnerable people, but there are also a lot of sincere people who unfortunately misinterpret the information. They don't know that what they're saying is inaccurate or influenced.

    Julie, welcome to the dark side!

  9. Hi Simon

    What a needed to be heard message out there!

    I so agree with you, people want to test others all the time in the intuitive fields, and while I know that too many of us have this insatiable fear of not being able to trust, it is too bad really.

    We are so afraid in our society of trusting someone, of having them be right, we constantly want proof, even when we don't understand that proof.

    So good for you for being confident and going on with your work!