Thursday 25 March 2010

No, We Don't Heal Naked Here

I’m in writing mode so I have to be brief—the muse has teeth.

I’ve had some funny things happen while I’ve been healing, so I thought I’d share one. A lady came for healing and proceeded to undress while my back was turned. I was lighting candles at the time, and when I turned around she was about to take off her singlet. A thin, here’s my breasts I don’t wear bras cotton singlet. I also noticed she had rolled the top of her I don’t wear briefs either skin tight pants down.

I smiled and casually told her, “There’s no need to take your clothes off.”

She smiled back and told me that she had been to a, I’d rather not say, healing workshop, and the people running the workshop had told one of the participants that they weren’t ready to be healed because they didn’t take their clothes off.

Impossibly her pants stretched further as she hopped onto the healing table, and I wondered if it was painful. No. Apparently not, as she made no effort to reposition her yes I have a birthmark. I concentrated on my pre-healing routine while she informed me that a lady had then undressed and presented herself for healing: music, check, dim lights, check, tan lines, check, nipples—oh crap! Check!

“She undressed in front of everyone?”


“No screen or sheet to cover her?”


In case you’re wondering, you can keep your clothes on when you come for a healing. Please.

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  1. Simon, you may be the calmest man in history. You seemed to stay so calm and collected as this happened. You showed grace.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Well handled, Simon - in more ways than one. (wink)

    The Old Silly

  3. Hi Helen and Marvin. Grace didn't know where to look, and it's a bit like throwing stones - its all fun and games until you get a nipple in the eye. Thanks guys.