Saturday 18 December 2010

CWSS—Episode 4 What can block or prevent energy healing from working?

CWSS Episode 4—What can block or prevent energy healing from working? If you’d like to ask a question for this series of video posts you can visit this page on my website.

Simon’s rambling’s:
December is always a quiet month for bookings, so I’m catching up on my chores at home, and spending time with my family over the holiday season. I’ve also been on twitter more than I normally would, but I’m having fun talking to everyone. I’ve set myself a small goal of writing 10k words of a new project over the Christmas break, so please send some writing juice my way.

I’ve never really kept to a posting schedule on my blog, and although I know it’s important to have a schedule I fit blogging in around my work and family. I’d like to interview some writers next year, so I’m hoping to have lots of variety to share. I find similarities between writing and healing, and I also love the community that writers online have created.

I’m editing videos of healings with Gary, C, and I’ll post them soon. C is another client who responds on the healing table the same way that Gary does. She is also, after three healings, an exceptional healer. The similarities between Gary and C are exciting.

I built an outdoor table! The wood is quila or merbau, from Papua New Guinea, and I’ve had it stored for six years. I used to help a family member who had an outdoor furniture factory, and I traded electrical work for the rough sawn slabs of quila.

Talk soon, Simon.
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  1. Hi Simon,

    You recommending me is about the biggest honor I can imagine - thank you my sweet friend. :-) I miss you tons and wow - I'm going to have to get you some building supplies when you visit - NICE TABLE!!!! ;-)

    I will look for you on Skype and hold the intention of a nice long catch up chat soon. It has been amazing getting to know you over this past year. I am sooo deeply grateful for our friendship.

    Much Love and big hugs, xoxo

  2. It's like your electrical work matches with your energy movement work. By allowing energy to flow fluently, you bring together pure components of nature to manifest into dreams coming true, as seen in your picnic table. The table will now be an excellent platform to receive inspiration, while surrounded by true nature, which now flows fluently due to your electrical expertise. That which was rough is now smooth, and has a coat that shines true.

  3. Not to be greedy, but I WANT that table! Can you make like Santa and hop in your sleigh and send me one? That is gorgeous.

  4. I'm grateful for our friendship too, Jenny. As far as healing is concerned, you're the real deal.

    Hi Bernie. The table is for my step daughters for Christmas, and I enjoyed making it. I infused it with love :)

    Thanks Julie! I'll pull on the red pants and pop over. I'm not sure how I'm getting it down the chimny, but I'll work it out.

  5. Awesome!
    First time to hear things about that kind of wood. Look like an antique furniture.
    So nice! :)

  6. Wow! How beautiful! Your step daughters are very lucky girls :) Merry Christmas, Simon.

  7. Hey Simon,
    That's a bloody great looking table!
    Merry Christmas to you & all of your family.
    With love & best Wishes xox

  8. Hi Simon,
    I love the table. Hubs made one when are girls were small. We ate outside as many days of the year as we could. I think it's because we did it on the farm so much. Happy Holidays. I'll see you on twitter.