Monday 14 March 2011

Dear God Please Give Me Abs Like My Dad

While I’m away from home I’ll have little time to post articles on my blog, so I thought I’d post some old photos every Monday to give you a glimpse into my life. For many years of my life I’ve been unable to remember my childhood. I could remember the confusion and anger during my teenage years but everything before that was a blur. My son Jett has been the gift I needed to remember who I was. I look at him and I remember me.
My parents separated when I was thirteen (?) years old, but it had been ugly for a couple of years before then. It’s nice to see that they were once happy. I feel peaceful when I see these old photos. My mother has been an alcoholic for more than half my life and I’d like to think she wasn’t when I was a child.
There have been lots of coincidences in my life and this old motorbike may have been the first. Before my parents were married they had an accident on this bike. Many years later (I was six (?) years old) they brought the house they’d had the accident in front of. My dad has a half moon shaped scar on his butt cheek from the headlamp of the bike.
Richard, my brother, is sixteen months older than me. He came to Australia in 1982 and joined the army; I left school, stayed in New Zealand, lived on a dairy farm, and milked cows. He’s the chubby one :)
Check out my dad’s abs! This gives me hope — come on baby abs! My dad doesn’t talk about the past, and I discovered he’d been selected for the New Zealand basketball team only six years ago, but he didn’t get to tour because of the civil unrest in Malaysia. I was dumbfounded when he told me. How’d I not know this?

Talk soon :)

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  1. What a personal post, thanks for sharing. It's hard when the people we love can't be what we need. Glad you got through it :)

  2. I love when people share from the heart... I am also amazed by the surprising tidbits i learn thinking just the same... how did U not know this. I need to train myself to delve (not pry)... to care to unearth what matters to others so that I can truly know them. There is so much I've missed out on that I will never know.

    Thanks for sharing this post. : )

  3. Dionne & Shelley, thanks for visiting. Shelley, it is strange what we don't know.