Saturday 25 June 2011

Photos! Australia Zoo & my Backyard

 "Do you think it can see me?" Babe, if that strikes at you, you're going to pee!
 Carpet snake at Australia Zoo.

 Mother's day for kangaroos. 
 This season's garden. I'm in the process of putting in another garden for root & vine vegetables.
 I made some herb boxes for Maree, and we repotted the blue berries. 
Repotted the feijoas - on the left. 
 The best fruit and vegetables! The dogs love it when the kids stay over. They're so patient and are included in every game. 
 Our first pumpkin!
When I'm not healing, this is where you'll find me. Boy, look at that concentration. That's my writing face :)
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  1. Fantastic work on the vegie garden.I'm a little envious.There's just so much my balcony can produce,but....maaaan,my tomatoes taste sooo good!
    Hats off to backyard(& balcony)farmers around the globe!!

  2. Glad the snake wasn't in your yard. I gave up on a garden years ago. I tend to kill plants.

  3. Hey Jo! Home grown tomatoes taste better than what they sell.

    Diane, we've had a few snakes in the yard.

  4. Hi Simon,
    I love your celebration of life..all that nourishing: heart connections, family, fresh produce, and sunshine...Happy Summer!

  5. Hi Simon,
    I love your garden! All of the lush greens make it a divine place to write and soak up the sun. Great pictures of the zoo animals, so cute! Happy writing & love to you :)

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