Friday 23 March 2012

Psychic + Cancer = Fear!

During a healing I became aware that my client had a friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was able to describe the lady and circumstance with enough detail that my client knew who I was talking about. As my hand travelled over her chest I heard, in my mind, “I'm terrified that I will get breast cancer.” I mentioned this to my client and told her that she wasn't going to get breast cancer. I assumed that she had this fear because of her friend's situation.

My left hand had stopped over her left breast and, as a hologram projection in front of me, I saw tubules of fluid and breast tissue. The experience is like travelling through space, and feels like I'm in the breast. I saw an orb of what appeared to be inflamed tissue. Often, I see anatomical and cellular images magnified so I'm not always certain how big the things I see actually are.

I told her that I believed if she was to self-massage that breast she'd find a spot about the size of her fingertip that felt tingly or tight if she pushed it. I didn't believe she had a lump, I felt she'd only discover an unusual feeling. Spirit advised that massage would correct the obstruction.

I have no medical training, and I always advise my client's of this. Any medical decision they make should be after advice from a GP or other health professional. In this case I told my client that spirit hadn't alerted me to tell her to see a GP, but if she found a lump, or was worried, she should see her doctor.

She smiled and I affirmed again that I didn't believe, and spirit hadn't told me that she had or would get cancer. I'd connected with her friend who had cancer because that experience was in her consciousness and energy field. It was also the pathway for me to heal her fear of getting cancer. She then told me that a psychic had told her she would get breast cancer and she'd been worried ever since.

I hear these stories too often and, frankly, they infuriate me. Working with psychic energy isn't an exact science, and every vibration of information is influenced to some degree by the psychic's, by the client's, by everybody connected to the client and psychic, by human consciousness: emotions, beliefs, fears, desires, intention, and action – life!

No psychic message is exact. The information is filtered through and influenced by human consciousness. Psychics, mediums and healers have to be honest about how they work. I don't know how I do and see the things that I do. The teachings that I get from spirit still come from the consciousness of someone who was once living. That pure (?) stream of information then travels through regular Joe consciousness, and I'm human!

I often get direct bad news messages from spirit, but, respectfully, I soften the delivery. Perhaps the psychic who told my client she was going to get breast cancer was inexperienced, maybe he connected with the friend and didn't realise, maybe he lacked social skills and etiquette. Whatever the case he worried someone needlessly, and that fear may have caused the cancer to appear.

Psychics, a little more tact, and less ego.

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  1. "I have no medical training,",(I) "told her that she wasn't going to get breast cancer." Should a person that has no medical training tell a person that they will not get cancer? Do you not think that's a little dangerous? I'm not sure an oncologists could make a statement like that with such certainty. Hypothetically speaking, if a person was told they would not get cancer, and they then developed cancer it would be emotionally hurtful. An oncologists would want to avoid this as it would be in breach of the Hippocratic oath.

  2. Tom Blake, I'd rather give clients hope than fear, & you may have missed this: "Any medical decision they make should be after advice from a GP or other health professional. In this case I told my client that spirit hadn't alerted me to tell her to see a GP, but if she found a lump, or was worried, she should see her doctor." I encourage everyone to seek a second opinion from a certified health professional.

  3. Great article Simon. It's important to focus on the positive and take a heartfelt approach to difficult situations. Creating fear is the opposite of what we are supposed to be doing!

  4. Hi Bryan. Thanks for commenting and yes we should avoid fear and focus more on love.

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