Tuesday 18 September 2012

Rise of The Dark Angel!

Every now and then someone believes that I'm working for the dark side, and the accusation always comes from another healer, psychic, or from someone who follows spiritual practices. The latest story is that I'm a dark angel and, surprisingly, it's from someone that had a successful healing with me. Without being told I intuited the location and size of a cyst (apparently, the cyst could be felt under the skin) and within hours the cyst had gone. I also accurately described and communicated with numerous spirit from the lady's past.

Client's experience a wide range of responses during healings, but the one that causes me to be described as the Darkest Knight is a feeling of arousal in varying degrees. It's no different than a shoulder twitching, rapid eye movement, uncontrollable sobbing, or outbursts of laughter. It's an energetic explosion that needs to happen. Even now, after years of doing this, I still can't determine when it will happen or who it will happen to. It's not one of the more common responses, it's just the one that's remembered and talked about the most.

There are many causes and reasons behind this response: repressed emotion (all emotions), repressed sexuality, desire, being in a loveless and sexless relationship, past or generational abuse, longing for and fear of change, joy, the expression and experience of love, and I'm certain there are many situations and feelings I haven't experienced yet.

I always handle these situations respectfully and most of the time I'm unaware my client has experienced this response. My attention is elsewhere: looking at images from my client's past, talking to spirit, and investigating cellular and anatomical images.

This month I sought advice from two respected mediums and healers, one here in Australia and one in the USA, and they both praised my integrity and supported my conclusions about the reasons behind this response.

I believe there's a lot of misinformation about spiritual/energy healing and superstition surrounding what it is and isn't. Often, the ones talking about negative or dark energy have no idea what they're talking about. I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of my work, and if I'm working with dark angels, they're bloody good healers ;).  

Bush walking at Mt Mee with my family. It's what dark angels do to relax ;) 

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