Friday 19 October 2012

Energy Healing Success and Failure

This week, a lady who had a healing with me twelve months ago approached a friend and asked if I'd ever done any successful healings. My friend's response was, “yes, many.” The lady had cancer, had had a session with me and hadn't experienced a positive health response. She then visited another healer who advised her that I was a learner and wasn't connected to a divine power. Not surprisingly, he didn't heal the woman either.

I prefer to share positive stories to give people hope, but if you've come to one of my events or attended a session with me you'd hear me say, “I don't know what will happen during a healing or after, but I have faith and I'm often surprised by outcomes,” and this, “sometimes I'm not successful and I don't make excuses for this, I move on.” On the welcome page on my website is, “Although I’ve done numerous successful healings, I’ve also been unsuccessful many times. Some clients have had a nil or negligible health response.” 

I know I would’ve said these things or similar to the lady. I also would’ve discussed, even if she didn’t notice any changes to her health, booking another session. I believe, in some healings, the first healing addresses mental health issues and eases fear. A second healing may not be successful either, but many clients have had positive health outcomes after the second session.

I'm sorry that the lady has cancer, that I was unable to help her and I'm disappointed that another healer has misled her. I've heard similar judgements from alternative/spiritual healers many times and all of them aren't getting positive health responses. I could ask strangers in the street to do a healing and the recipient would feel something: tingling, warmth, a peaceful feeling, or experience immediate or gradual positive health. With modalities of energy or spiritual healing, my experience has been that accreditation doesn’t guarantee success.

I'd like everyone who came for a healing to have a positive health response, and, at times, it frustrates me this isn't the case. In my experience it's not for these reasons: belief (I’ve had success with sceptics many times), karma, soul contract, timing, or any other metaphysical reason some spiritual healers give.

We're all responsible for our past and present and in control of our future. That may seem like a heartless statement to an innocent victim of crime and illness, but I'm responsible for the death of the person who died last night in a drink driving accident. I drink, I drive, sometimes too fast, and when I was younger I drove after and while I was drinking. Potentially, I could've killed myself and someone else. I haven't driven after drinking alcohol for decades, but I've still contributed to the death-while-drink-driving vibration. 

Sometimes the habitual patterns/vibrations of generations of family and community seem insurmountable, but I'm certain that in every healing a window of opportunity is created for health to manifest. If clients monitor their thoughts and are willing, they can change lifestyle, social, emotional, and health conditions.

With all illness I've noted that there are some influencing factors that may – I say may because I've had positive responses with all these factors present – restrict success:

Medication: I'm not qualified to talk about medication, nor do I advise anyone to go off prescribed medication, but often I'm aware that treatment is affecting the immune and other natural systems of the body. I encourage clients to talk to their doctors and specialists about all health related topics.  

Desperation: I understand why people are desperate to heal or to connect with someone in spirit, but that emotion interferes with both processes. Wanting something causes tension in the subtle energy systems of mind and body, while allowing relaxes those systems.   

Expectation: I appreciate that people are excited to see me, but if you expect an outcome you may leave disappointed. Have no expectations and then be grateful for any discernible change. Gratitude is a powerful creating force.

Denial: This is tough for anyone to hear, but some people don't want to get well. This state of being is a debilitating addictive behaviour. This is different than being exhausted or overwhelmed by the struggle to be well. I have compassion for that situation and patience and hope for the person.

I believe timing and synchronicity is something we create, not the universe. The universe/field of consciousness responds to our intent, will and action, and with energy healing I only need a tiny vibrational shift/pathway to create change. The best path for this is honesty: are you afraid, are you lazy, and do you answer these questions with, “Yes, but …” No excuses, blame, or denial. It's cliché, but the truth will set you free. 

Sometimes, I'm not successful. Client's personality, circumstance and my experience may help me determine why, but I won't make excuses or mislead anyone.

In the last four weeks clients have shared these success stories: a lady booked for surgery to remove a gallstone, after one healing, is now symptom and pain free, another lady, also after one healing, believes her prolapsed uterus and bladder have repositioned and she has no discomfort during her period, a lady with suspect cells on her cervix, after one healing and further investigation is now healthy, another lady with a genetic immune system disease, after one distant healing, is symptom and pain free (she experienced excruciating spinal pain daily) and is off  the medication and steroids that were prescribed.

I’m grateful to have client’s trust and faith and I’m committed to improving and understanding my healing craft.

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