Wednesday 28 November 2012

Listen With Your Heart

"Wisdom is born in the heart and then spoken." My guide, Gegu, said this to me when I read that line. "Do you listen to spirit with your heart or mind, my son?"
I hear you in my mind.
Smiling, Gegu responded, "But do you listen with your heart?"

I don't know who to credit for the photo :(

Often clients have an expectation about what spirit will or won't say and are surprised and/or disappointed when it doesn't happen. Spirits have the personalities they had when they were living. If your father didn't talk much when he was living he will be quiet in spirit. A good medium will connect with his personality and see memories that were important to him to establish proof, but dad may have nothing to say.

My experience is that negative emotion and behaviour is softened or eliminated in spirit. For example, initially, to connect and be factual, I will describe a violent alcoholic. Once the connection is made those feelings will evaporate and only the good qualities in the dad will remain. Often when I connect to a spirit who mistreated my client, the client will say, “tell him/her to go away. I don't want to speak to him/her.”

The healing vibration is always 'on' around/within me. When clients come for readings they will also receive healing. The 'bastard' in spirit is here because to heal you I also have to heal them, and I might connect to generations of bastards and victims. I'm healing consciousness. For me, spirit is real and living and past events are current.

It's rare not to connect with the spirit the client wants, but it does happen. Sometimes the spirit may have nothing to say or doesn't like the medium. Depending on the personalities of the the spirit and client, the energy of expectation and desperation sometimes hinders or prevents me from connecting. Despite this, I always believe when we think about someone in spirit they're there.

Listen with your heart ;). 

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