Saturday 9 March 2013

Surprise! Yes I can Heal You Through Someone Else

Often I connect to living people through the person on the healing table. In some instances a healing will occur. This has happened during and after visiting my website or blog, contacting me via email or phone, thinking about me, and hearing my name. Yes, it surprises me too. In this case Kira’s healing started the moment I talked about her with her mum and synchronicity and the universe guided her to me.

Thank you, Kira J

I met Simon by chance after visiting a friend and I was lucky enough to receive an unexpected healing. My mum had been to visit Simon the previous day and I came through a lot in my mums reading. He described me perfectly to her and all the information he provided was accurate. Once I walked into the room I instantly felt at ease and relaxed around Simon.

Unsure as to what I was expecting from the reading I went in with an open mind. From the age of 21 I have had stomach troubles for 6+ years that could not be fixed. I had been to the doctors on numerous occasions and had every test done from food allergies to ovarian checks. Nothing could be found. This was an ongoing illness and I was just learning to accept it. 

My mother had rang me after her healing and had advised me that Simon had been aware that I was suffering from this illness and cured me through her. I was sceptical as the previous day I was extremely ill. Once on the table under the healing hands of Simon he found a switch in my stomach that he found to be responsible for my illness. He advised he had flicked the switch to heal me from my pain. It has been a year since receiving this healing and I have not been sick ever since.

Simon is amazing at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone for healings, or people just wanting to make contact with the spiritual world. Keep up the good work Simon you truly belong in this line of work.
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