Wednesday 2 April 2014

The Link Between Past Lives and Health

To some, the idea that we’ve lived before is absurd. Personally, I’ve had lots of past life experiences, but I still question how I’m able to see movie-like images of past lives while meditating and day to day. Earlier past life meditations affected me emotionally and physically: bruising, marks on my skin, unexplained aches, and feeling agitated and fragile were the consequence.

I have out of body experiences that seem real. I feel as if I’m in two places and two time periods at once, and sometimes the out of body location and experience is more tangible than the present. The physical nature of my experience enforces my belief that we’ve lived before and we can remote view. We’re time travellers.

During some healings I see images of client’s past lives. Injury and illness in past lives reoccurs in present life. The location of an injury in a past life can be the location of an illness today. Common themes of behaviour — abandonment, violence and abuse — can also replay.

Traditionally, it’s thought, we suffer now because of past life trauma’s. Past lives influence present and future lives. After many healings my views on this have changed and are also flexible. I agree that we have lived before, but I question beliefs about what a soul is and it’s purpose.

I don’t agree karma is carried forward. For me, karma is a state of being or doing. If, while swimming in the ocean, a shark kills us, it’s not karma from the past that caused it to happen. We were swimming, the shark, snacking. Being and doing. Life, not destiny.

Spirit encourages me to question mine and other’s beliefs.

It’s true that I see and heal past lives during healings, but I’m now considering that past lives aren’t the cause of illness and injury in the present. I see past life images because the vibration of the experience in the past is similar to the present. We attract the information to us.

If consciousness is a field of information, then it’s likely that similar information groups. If souls store experience, then it’s probable similar experiences are filed together. Subtle-energy fields feel sticky, magnetic. As magnets repel or attract, thoughts, actions and experiences repel and attract.

By healing a back injury now, it’s possible I’m attracting back injuries from the field. They’re accessible, not the cause. My thoughts, intention, emotion and personality — my body field’s frequency — might not be the right frequency to heal my client, but will heal the past life injury. I’m speculating if I heal one or more past life injuries a frequency is created to heal the present. Spirit supports my musings. 

Either way, despite my theories and questions, healing occurs.

Past life friends :)

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