Thursday 17 July 2014

I’ve Never Found Grandma’s Ring

Some clients contact me and ask if I know where something they’ve lost is. I rarely do. Usually, I’ll hear from spirit, “they won’t find it,” or, “they’ll find it,” but not where it is. Occasionally I’ll hear, “it’s in the car.” I’ve never found the lost ring.

I’m curious as to why not, as I’m able to find things I’ve lost. This week, while doing maintenance on a chainsaw, a small screw fell off the trampoline I’d left it on and onto the lawn. I didn’t see it fall and, because of the angle the trampoline was on and the bounce in the trampoline net, it could’ve fallen onto a large area. Making it more difficult to locate, the screw was oil covered, not shiny, and the light was fading.

As long as I remain calm I know I will find the screw. In the past, spirit has helped me many times to find small things I’ve dropped. It feels like spirit controls my body. My head turns and my eyes look at the object I’ve lost. But only if I relax and control my thoughts.

This time I glanced at the ground around me, crouched down, and spirit said, “crawl under the trampoline and look outwards into the light.” I crawled, turned and looked directly at the screw.

If you have faith and listen, anything is possible … except finding grandma’s ring. J

Talk soon.

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