Sunday 11 January 2015

Psychics, Predictions, and Potentiality Not Accuracy

For many years I’ve seen images, while meditating and within my thoughts, of future global conflict events and disasters. Usually, the images I see are televised as news some twelve to eighteen months after I see them.

Sometimes, the graphic images unsettle me and it bothers me that I never see uplifting global events. I reflect on why I’m wired to receive bad news and not good. My spirit guide informs, “to prepare me to heal the living and the dead,” which at first felt like a grave responsibility, but now is a welcome duty. 

As I don’t want to create fear or energise the events I see, I don’t publicly share my predictions. In some instances I’ve known the region, but mostly, I don’t know where or when the event will occur. Why? I stopped asking.

I believe, for psychics, information is readable or not. Psychics are wrong or right. I believe consciousness is an infinite entanglement of frequency and information. Ordered chaos. Spirit has taught me to recognise when I’m receiving accurate information. I know without questioning how I know.

Psychics who give information that proves to be inaccurate have made a mistake. The excuses that timing, free will, soul contracts, or any other esoteric idea have altered the future are simply excuses. As a psychic, not all information I receive is understandable or in order. I have to discern what to say to clients and how to say it. Discernment is improved with experience, maturity and confidence. For psychics, don’t be afraid of being wrong, share information, not your thoughts, personality, or emotion with clients. What something means to us isn’t always what it means to others.

In some readings I intuit potentiality. I accurately intuit how clients are feeling, what they’re thinking (some clients believe I can read minds because I’ve told them exactly what they were just thinking), what they’ve been doing and what they’re planning to do. From this I can offer probable options, or I have a positive or negative feeling about the topics we’re discussing. This is different than being certain, which, in energy healing and readings, is a good name for a cat.

Being a medium and communicating to or as spirit is a different skill than being a psychic. Can I ask spirit if psychic information is correct? Yes, but spirit doesn’t always know, and, I feel, this is where a lot of readers misread. They hear, not intentionally, misinformation. They feed and intuit the needs and fears of clients rather than be silent. It’s okay to be wrong. Don’t push spirit for an answer.

For me, and I believe this to be true, spirit still have traits of living personality and mannerisms. If they didn’t, how would you know whether I’m speaking to your family and friends in spirit? If your dad was an angry alcoholic who gave bad advice and made bad decisions while living, why, if I was a good medium, am I describing a wise compassionate dad. If that’s what you wanted your dad to be, then it’s accurate that the medium has intuited that and it’s that that’s influencing the message.

Some believe guides, angels, ascended masters, and a collective consciousness have answers and guidance that benefits our higher good. Higher good? How’s that determined and who or what determines it? God? Our soul? And have we listened? Haven’t prophets and faith leaders been preaching God’s message for millennia? What’s the point of guidance from spirit if we’re not acting on spirit’s guidance?

It’s fair to say, all spiritual teachers agree that everything is connected and communicating. Entangled? The common theme is live peacefully and joyfully, but we don’t. Why? How many more wars do we need before we disarm and scrap all weapons? Energy healing neutralises the frequency that supports and causes the habitual patterns of conflict.

We don’t act because of free will, karma, or a soul contract. I believe spiritual new age universal beliefs create division and division. Most clients come to see me seeking health and happiness, and I point out that that’s something they control. To heal, know yourself, and for healers, to heal, know yourself.

It’s not why I see future conflict events and disasters, but how I react and what I do that’s important. I heal the living and dead. I heal the earth and humanity. Life is amazing, complex, emotional, sensory and worth living peacefully. We don’t have to do what we did, or be who we were yesterday. The conflict in the world is an active frequency in consciousness/the field of entanglement/us. Turn it off.

Talk soon. J

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