Tuesday 30 June 2015

Alternative Healers Exercising Professionalism and Respect, Not Always

Disappointed, not surprised, to see this in an alternative/spiritual healer’s website bio, “works with master healer Robin Williams.” By all accounts, Robin Williams was a talented and loved comedian and actor, loyal friend and a beautiful man. Sadly, he’s now in spirit and I believe spirit should be respected and left in peace. Robin Williams, in spirit, is the man he was and his name shouldn’t be used for marketing.

I also believe by using a celebrity spirit’s name to describe what you do is inappropriate, disrespectful to the celebrity’s family, close friends and memory and weakens credibility. If alternative healing is to be embraced by mainstream society, practitioners need to be perceived as belonging to or influencers of mainstream society. Many self-titled alternatives and spiritual people claim uniqueness, ascension and new wisdom, but partly, it’s that belief and claim that causes many people to reject the possibility of seeking help from an alternative healer.

A bigger factor is that many healers don’t achieve reportable health results. Never.

In this instance, the new age metaphysical language used by the healer is conflicting and confusing. She claims to be preparing the earth for the arrival of advanced alien life (from the planet Ork?) and she works with master healer Robin Williams.   

Celebrity spirits have frequented my healings and readings many times. They visit because they can and they know I can communicate to them. Unless they share, I don’t ask questions about their lives or death, though. Most are curious about the work I do and observe not chat. Celebrity spirits and spirit healers visit willingly, I don’t ask them to attend.

I’m blessed, now that he’s in spirit, Robin Williams has attended healings and spoken to me personally, but he’s Robin Williams, not a master healer. He offers advice and heals, but to see someone use his name this way bothers me. Robin doesn’t mind, I do. He’d probably create a comedy skit about this. I’m protective of spirit’s privacy, but I wonder if I’d serve myself and spirit better if I let this go. After all, everyone deserves to have his or her beliefs respected. Despite that, it still bothers me.
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