Monday 30 May 2016

PMS was a monthly burden that I suffered through for two weeks … not anymore!

Thank you, Michelle, for this testimonial.

When I went to see Simon, while he was visiting the US, I went without any real expectations. I was interested in seeing him because I had read that he was a medical intuitive and a friend of mine mentioned he was going to go see him. I had a great session, but it would be roughly a week later that I started to realize some of the additional benefits from the session.
I’ve had hormone issues since I was a teenager. I spent the last few years trying to figure out how to balance them because the symptoms I was experiencing were too many to even list and I didn’t want to live life feeling the way I was.  I knew my hormone imbalance played a large part in the lack of health I was feeling. My hormone testing never revealed any imbalance, even though I know my past miscarriage was from having low progesterone levels. I supplemented on my own with progesterone and managed to have two healthy full term pregnancies after that. I suffered from borderline hypothyroid issues, but my symptoms were more in line with a more moderate imbalance, again even though my blood work only showed it was borderline hypo. PMS was a monthly burden that I suffered through for two weeks: icepick headaches, sore breasts, heart palpitations, horrible mood swings, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, fatigue, sleep disturbances, low libido, weight fluctuations, bloating, nausea, and cramping.  My periods, while pretty normal, were painful for two of the five days. It felt like my insides were falling out. I had to take Advil to get through the day. I would feel a definitive shift in how I felt the two weeks leading up to my period.  I had trouble keeping up and I also didn’t have the energy to exercise at the same pace I normally would. I’d go from being able to run to needing to only walk because I just didn’t have the stamina.
Shortly after seeing Simon in person, I noticed that I was no longer craving carbohydrates or sugar. I started losing weight (10lbs so far! Previously I struggled to maintain my weight even with a good diet and exercise), my energy levels were consistent throughout the day, my hair wasn’t falling out anymore and I felt very balanced and happy.
I’ve had some additional distance sessions with Simon and my PMS is now barely noticeable! All of the symptoms I used to suffer from are all but gone. I’m no longer supplementing for my hormones or taking hypothyroid medication. I feel healthy, energetic, balanced and I’m elated at the results! My libido has improved and my eyelashes are even growing back! I'm also not experiencing the same neck, wrist, and knee pain I was having before. I just finished my second cycle since my treatment and it was great again. I know that they will continue to improve. Thank you Simon for all that you’ve done! I feel so much better! 

Michelle ~ Delaware, USA

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