Tuesday 18 July 2017

Positive Outcome Healing Fibromyalgia

I’m always grateful to receive testimonial from clients. Thank you, Debb!

Update 26/01/2018 Debb provided video testimonial

I first saw Simon nearly 2 years ago when I was 42. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 7 years earlier and the condition was becoming so acute that some of my family members were sure that I would be in a wheelchair within a couple of years. The pain in my joints and feet was horrendous and to even walk 5 metres without soft-soled padded shoes would cause aching and sharp shooting pains through my feet and up my legs. Grocery shopping had become a thing of the past. I would either order online for delivery or send the kids in with a shopping list. If I peeled vegetables or cut anything in the kitchen I would end up in tears from the pain in my fingers and wrists. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and anyone with fibromyalgia knows all about the agony of getting out of bed in the mornings as the pain seems to be so much worse when you are resting, which is a catch 22 because it is also agony to exercise.
The Doctors had me on all sorts of pain medications that weren’t working very well but were still better than no medications at all! I don’t know what made me book an appointment with Simon as I had never seen a healer, thought about seeing a healer or knew of anyone else that had – it wasn’t even in my vocabulary. Talking to my mother on the phone one evening I had joked to her that I was at the end of it, I couldn’t handle the constant pain anymore and the only thing left to do before going onto morphine pain patches was to see a healer. I didn’t know where the idea had come from but it took hold and I Googled, healer in Brisbane. Simon’s web page was the first one that came up and after reading his information I booked an appointment online.
I didn’t know what to expect at that first appointment and to be honest wasn’t really expecting much at all. I didn’t feel anything extraordinary when I was at the appointment, it was peaceful and calming and Simon told me that he thought he could help. I was just enjoying feeling peaceful.
I left the appointment and drove home and wasn’t in pain which felt a bit odd. I actually felt great. All night there was no pain. I didn’t take my multitude of tablets that night, had a decent sleep and woke up in the morning still with no pain! The only side effect was that within a day or two of that first appointment I was an emotional wreck. I would wake up crying and go to sleep crying and my eyes would just leak all day and I had no idea why. I booked in to see Simon for a follow up appointment and at the end of that hour I felt calm, peaceful and euphoric all at the same time and felt something had settled in me.
I have never taken another tablet for the fibromyalgia, now walk barefoot everywhere I can, cook up a storm in the kitchen and all pain free which I find astounding. I feel so grateful that I had such a positive response in just the first session and the changes in my life since then have been wonderful.
I’ve continued to see Simon since then and sent several friends to see him. A friend of a friend saw Simon and he told her that she had a friend called Nicole. He told her that her friend Nicole should get a breast check-up. Her friend told Nicole this, she did the breast screen and it was discovered that she had aggressive breast cancer in both breasts, which she had no idea about. She has now had a double mastectomy and is cancer free.
I can’t thank Simon enough for the dramatic and positive changes in my life and the life of my kids. I am so grateful and happy now. I encourage anyone to see Simon, be open and trusting (he’s pretty trustworthy). There’s nothing to lose and it could possibly change your life in ways you never knew.
Debb - Brisbane

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