Saturday 29 May 2010

What’s too private to share on a blog?

I think it’s important that a blog is representative of the writer. Readers form relationships with blogs and because of the nature of my work, and style of my writing, it’s easy for perceptions to be formed about me. Yes, I have incredible experiences with spirit, but I’m more than those experiences.

I tend to share personal information about myself with clients and groups I’m speaking to. This builds trust, and I feel it’s more appropriate to talk about myself than someone else. Also, I’m the product, the healing experience happens with me. I’m more comfortable wearing jeans and a tee-shirt than a suit. I don’t like shaving, I like to have a beer with dinner; complete transparency is essential for a healer.

Here’s my dilemma though, how much information is too much. Everyone deserves to have a private life, but I don’t want people to perceive me to be someone I’m not.

One of my missions is to break down stereotype beliefs around healing. Let’s call this the Jesus myth. One of my clients was a principal of a Catholic school, and I mentioned that Jesus was standing beside him. He thought about this for a while, and then politely said that he didn’t believe so, because if Jesus was standing there he’d be able to feel him. He then said that he had attended world youth day with tens of thousands of young people, and he felt that the energy he experienced there was Christ’s energy. If Jesus was standing beside him, that’s what he believed he’d feel. I glanced at Jesus; he shrugged, and then smiled.

So what do you think, how much information are you comfortable sharing? Is there something you want to know, or not know, about me? If you’re a blogger, do you also have this dilemma?

I’m also thinking of changing the name of this blog to, Simon Hay Healer.

Here’s some more New Zealand photos.

We didn’t do this, and the beach was empty

Multi tasking

The stable is now a Food-store

Where’s your dog?

The ugly side of travelling in NZ

Entrance to treaty grounds, Waitangi

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  1. Y'all have weird shaped dogs, Simon. Maybe that's one of those pig dogs.

    I like the name Simon Hay Healer. It would brand your name.

    And thanks for your Facebook help. I'd never noticed that little "account" over in the right upper corner.

    Straight From Hel

  2. You're welcome, Helen, and those are pig hunting dogs, not pig dogs.

  3. HI Simon, I have to comment as a fellow New Zealander. Great photos of our signs, they are hilarious.
    Maybe it is a question of do we want to listen?
    Whatever you share, are we listening?
    Like you shared that Jesus was there. You shared but did he listen? I'd say share away Simon, it is up to us to listen and hear you. xox Wilma

  4. Yes, listening is important. It's an easy shift if we let it unfold with observation. I might see you in New Zealand one day. I'v got some people interested in a workshop. Talk soon, Simon.

  5. I'm reluctant to put too much private information on my blog because I'm out here as a writer interested in promoting other writers and helping beginners.

    It's fair, however, for our readers to want to know who we are. I think we can accomplish that without going overboard. Of course, what's personal information for my blog may be ordinary content for yours--it all depends on why we are here.

  6. First, what is a "Pig Dog"?

    Second, I agree with your quandary. It is an interesting thought, how much does one share about ones self in a blog. I share what I am moved to share. At first I was concerned with people creating perceptions or rather mis-perceptions based on what I share so rather than sharing everything about my personal life I share that which I am moved to share which is relevant to what I write. I worry not about how I am perceived now, part of my growth and I share as I am so moved to do.
    Personally I like the word "Soul" in your blog title. It speaks to me in a way that healer by itself does not.

  7. Thanks, Mark. Dogs that are trained to hunt pigs. Any breed of dog that shows an aptitude for hunting will be trained. This person would have a dog that latches on to a pig and holds on until the man arrives. Over dogs learn by example. It's common to hunt wild pigs with dogs and a knife in NZ.