Tuesday 20 September 2011

From My Family to Yours

 For me, life is about remembering and honouring the sacrifices and glory of our ancestors. We should not trespass on their memories, we are here because they were here first.

 Against incredible odds they paved the way for the lifestyles we enjoy today.

 They didn't have time to admire the majestic landscapes they toiled,

and, unknowingly, they destroyed delicate ecosystems, but without these pioneers we'd not have the resources to restore the earth.

To do this we must work together, build strong foundations,

and not overlook the little things

 that hold everything together.

If we're only awed by majesty and celebrity

we'll miss the beauty our steps trample,

we'll not notice that our children teach us how to love,

or that we need to love our boys, and encourage them to express their love out loud.

We must let our girls be whatever they choose to be,

teach them the joy of laughter,

and instill in them the confidence to be brave in the dark.

Show them beautiful things

and hold them with gentle hands.

When we love each other, every moment is a gift. From my family to yours.

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  1. Absolutely lovely. What a beautiful family, who naturally, make beautiful photos. :-)

  2. Beautiful. Living as poetry. And some gorgeous family photos!

    Judy, South Africa

  3. That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful. Loved every bit. You certainly have a way to get a woman teary ;)

  5. How beautiful. Lovely of you to share