Saturday 17 September 2011

I'm in New Zealand!

 This is my crazy daughter Lilly, who loves having her photo taken. She's without a doubt the kindest person I know. She also has experiences with spirit and if she wants to be, she'd be a brilliant medium when she's an adult. Yes, we're at Maccas. I stay away from it when I'm home, but my children eat out with their mum, and it's a challenge to encourage them to eat well. 
 Jett's like his dad, he doesn't like his photo been taken, unlike Scrappy who's in everything. I have years of my life where I don't have any photos of me. I discussed this with Jett and told him he'd regret that if he did the same. It's a work in progress. And, that's his first hash brown. He's reluctant to try anything new, but I'm also working on that. The boy's a spit out of his dad's mouth. I watch him and remember what it was like to be me. 
 Good photos of Maree and I, zero! Maree hates her photo been taken, and this is the last shot of five. Camera face! I love you babe ;)
 My big girls. We travelled all the way to NZ to get close to an emu! Marre & Julia, Maree's youngest, have beautiful hearts, but they drive me crazy. It's mum & mini mum, & they're both back street drivers. I have a GPS telling me where to go & then Maree and Julia remind me just in case I didn't hear it the first time, second time ... third time! 
 I love you Scrappy. "You have to turn left here." 
 "Let's make a break for it!" Besties! When we returned to this exhibit these two were together in another location.
 Auckland Zoo - a zoo filled with chickens! There's a lot.
 I don't want to play anymore :(
 "Come on Mr Peacock, you know you want some of this sweet downunder love."
How great was the day? This great!

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  1. AMAZING & WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing I have REALLY enjoyed seeing the family - have a great time!!!!! :) Diana.