Sunday 17 June 2012

Insights Into How I do Psychic Readings

Every time I do days of back to back healings and readings I experience something new. I'm still not certain how I do what I do, but I always have fun. When I hear names from spirit I sometimes hear a sounds-like name: let's say the spirit's name is Gary, I might hear Larry, Barry, Harry … I usually know if it's a sounds-like though, and I also know if the name is right. I might get the strong letter sound: the D, the M, the K for c or k.

One of the days, during the previous trip away, I heard all the names of the living people connected to clients. The following day I got all the names of the dead people, another day I hit all the middle names, and then, just to mix it up, I did a day of initials. A little crazy, and I'm not sure why. This trip I did a day of birth dates to identify spirit, and, during one reading, I saw images of rolling dices: a 1 and 6, 16th, 2 and 3, 23rd.

I'm an information guy, I see images, movie-like, of memories of a spirit's life. I see from the spirit's eyes and also as an observer. This is accompanied by fragments of dialogue. I'm also empathic to body types, illness, injury, and death. Often, what I hear in my mind I don't say. This surprises me. At times it's like I have no control over what I'm saying. I don't let this frustrate me, I simply explain to clients how I work with spirit and, mostly, they tune into the experience and our conversation and the information flows.

When I get a positive response from clients the reading flows better. This makes it difficult if the client doesn't know the spirit that's communicating. I encourage everyone to be positive and interested. There's a subtle difference between not knowing and not responding. Not responding stalls the flow of information, while not knowing allows me to get a block of information but it usually doesn't go anywhere. Spirit want to reassure us that they're still part of the family. “Hi, I'm here, but I have nothing to say.”

When a client is desperate to communicate to a particular spirit, for me, this also obstructs the information from flowing. Often, I'll connect with everyone else first before connecting with the spirit clients want to hear from. I cannot script who will turn up. If the client wants to communicate to dad, and I don't connect with dad, doesn't mean that dad's not present though.

I also slide from one spirit to the next, or jump from similar vibrations of information. I connect with John the living friend, describe his life or an incident in his life that needs healing, then slide to John, the dad in spirit, then onto the grandfather George John Smith – middle name John – then to the client's in-law's uncle John.

I may connect with living John, the client's friend, and then John's sister in law Jenny who has cancer. This will lead to Jenny's mother, who is not connected to the client, who died from lung cancer, and then to the client's grandfather, Albert, who had bowel cancer. Albert is from the client's father's side, and it's the father the client wants to connect with. The client's so desperate to connect that I cannot hear the father's name, but I see clear images: the hospital room where he died, the people that were there, the gold ring that was left to the client's brother, the tattoo on the father's forearm, the tattoo that the client got in memory of dad, …

In a recent reading I'd already spoken to three people connected to both mother and father who had died from cancer close together. I was concerned that my memory of the previous readings, as they were only days apart, would influence or hinder what I got from spirit. I needn't have worried, spirit gave me all new images and stories for the son to confirm that his parents were watching over his family and him: the flatscreen TV that had fallen a few days ago, the discussion to buy a pool table, the father's record collection and old stereo the son still played, favourite songs, and other personal information known only to the son.

I connect with and see living people the same as the dead, so sometimes' I'm not sure if it's spirit or a psychic image I'm working with. When I touch, or are near someone they 'speak' to me in my mind. As do people connected to clients. It get's a little confusing, but, mostly, clients enjoy our conversations and it all makes sense.

Every healing and readings is different and sometimes I don't get any information known to clients. I always trust that what I'm receiving is correct, even if I can't place it in the right part of the family or time period. There maybe the perception that I should know, but communicating with spirit doesn't work like that. Some clients have described that I look and talk like the spirit I'm connected to. My mannerisms are the same. This is often more important than what I'm saying.

It's always interesting, emotional and exciting. I don't know why every reading is different, but I'm always grateful to spirit for their efforts, and to clients for their trust. Talk soon :).

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