Thursday 5 July 2012

My Dog Died & My Heart Broke

On Wednesday morning I went downstairs and Tink was unconscious. I rushed her to the vets and I was advised she may have a brain injury or illness. She was in a coma and had zero neurological responses. The vet asked if I wanted to put her down, as she couldn't guarantee, because of Tink's condition, that treatment would help.

Tink asked me, “let me go,” but I wasn't brave enough. I've worked with clients in palliative care before, and their souls ask to be freed, but Tink was family, and I ignored her plea. The vet wrapped her in heat blankets, shaved parts of her body and hooked her up to a drip, took blood for testing, and consulted with staff. Tink recovered over the day, was able to walk, drink and feed, but she deteriorated overnight and by morning was in a coma again.

I spoke to the vet by phone and this time I was able to advise her to euthanise her, but I asked her to wait until I was there. I didn't want Tink to die without family beside her. She died three minutes before Maree, Julia and I arrived. We viewed her body, I held her cold ear, and our hearts broke. I cry every time I think about her.

I know that Tink will visit in spirit, but the last conversation we had haunts me. She knew she was dying, and she wanted me to let her go. 

“Tink, I love you, baby girl. We're all going to miss you.”

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  1. What a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry for your loss Simon and I'm sending you and your family lots of hugs.

  2. I am so sorry, Simon. It is so difficult when we lose our faithful furry family. I lost my Nike a few months back - and I will never be the same! Sending you lots of healing hugs! I don't know if anything from my site will help you, but maybe others...

  3. I am so sorry Simon! My heart broke as I read this. Cry when you need to. It's ok to feel it and it will help you get better. I am thinking about you. Much love.

  4. Ps. This is Beth using my Kiwi Arts account.

  5. It's tough Simon,
    We had to have our dog Sam euthanised a few days ago. I wrote about him in a post recently. Sorry for your loss...better days will be ahead
    be good to yourself

  6. The loss of loved ones is beyond words and so hard to bear. May you be surrounded by angels and loved ones and that your love will help you through your loss. Loving hugs to you and your loved ones. xxx

  7. Ann & David, thank you & sorry for your loss also.
    Beth & Jen, thank you for your love. We're all sad at home, but we also have another dog to love, which has been helping.

  8. Simon, I am so sorry! I know your heart is broken----that dog was adorable! Animals really are members of our families and they love us with a pure and innocent love that reaches deep into our hearts. All I can say is cry, cry, cry! There is so much healing in tears! I will be thinking about you and Tink.

  9. Oh, Simon, I am so very sorry for you and your family. My heart just tears hearing the story. Tink knew how hard it was for you to let her go. Bless you all and many hugs to you.

    Love and healing,

  10. Jean & Ellen, thank you! It"s been a strange week. We all keep expecting Tink to be on the steps. Everyone, thank you for all the love & support.

  11. Simon I've just read this post - I'm so sorry I missed it earlier. Our beloved pets are indeed family, and the love they carry in their little bodies is enormous. Tink had such beautiful eyes ... She will know that your love for her was what kept you hoping and, once you'd made the decision to free her, she went happily, before you all arrived so that you would have to suffer the trauma of seeing her go. What a brave little doggie so she was. no wonder you loved her so much. Rest in peace, Tink.

  12. That should be ... Would NOT have to suffer

    ( sorry, struggling with the new iPad)

  13. My recollection of that day doesn't seem to match your story. Hmmmmm?