Friday 20 July 2012

Belief is a Product of Human Consciousness

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Living as a spiritual being doesn't mean conforming to spiritual belief systems. Belief is a product of human consciousness not experience. My experiences and conversations with nature are happening now. They don't happen because of the experiences of a past life. If my soul has lived a thousand lives those experiences and knowledge are also the experiences and knowledge of your soul.
Soul contracts, soul mates, karma, the hierarchy of ascended masters/spirit, are all human belief systems. When you put aside everything you've read, heard and then believed to be true – including the stories I share – and only focus on what you experience, then you're experience will be the only true thing. My stories are interesting or boring depending on the listener. They're only true for me.
Our belief systems remain in consciousness/the universe, and connecting with, intuiting, channelling that information doesn't make it true. Creating 'miraculous' healings are the building blocks needed to create another, but with subtle differences. Be brave enough to create something new. Spirit and the energy/vibrations of the past will assist you, but spirit are waiting for us to be original and creators.
The Christ consciousness is an energy created by human consciousness. Jesus was a mother's son, a boy and then a man. That's what made him powerful and interesting. Be that! A son, a daughter, a man, or a woman, and be magnificent.
We love you. ♥

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  1. Thanks Simon interesting reading.

  2. Maureen, you're welcome & thank you.