Thursday 9 August 2012

Medium – Physic Readings With a Dwarf & a Donkey

Thank you to new hosts, Sushi in Cairns and Monica in Sydney, and to everyone who trusted me to do a healing and reading. Thank you spirit, healers, Gegu, Jesus and family for always turning up and having faith in me. Donkey, you rock!

This week, I read an advertising blurb for a medium that said he was accompanied by a dwarf, Bernie, from another spiritual realm. Hobbit? I may have to dedicate a page on my website to the mythical God, Donkey, from that other spiritual realm: the madness of my mind ;). Possibly, man accompanied by dwarf is a brilliant medium, but it's curious that people take him seriously after his Weekend at Bernie's.

Just quietly though, Donkey is real ;). To be fair, I have had experiences with dwarfs in spirit that appear to be not from around here. Walk about dudes!

I've noticed that when I'm doing back to back readings and healings similar information and experiences group together. I had three deaths during child birth, three hangings, two Andrews booked appointments in the same day – this is surprising because 90% of my clients are women – Andrew was also a common name in spirit, and I had three clients, not connected, with Maltese bloodlines.

Names from spirit, for me, can be difficult to hear. I'll often get a sound like name or the strong letter, but that is improving. 60% of the time I get the name, although sometimes it's the middle or surname. I'm spirit's puppet and they're smarter than the average bear. They often give me information about a living person that client's know, and then direct me to ask for that person's full name. The name is shared by the spirit that's communicating. In one instance I was given information about a living John, a name I don't have difficulty hearing, and then a woman connected to him who had breast cancer, two kids, and a son Daniel. Her name was Melissa Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the name of my client's mother-in-law and it was, Dorothy, her middle name that spirit was saying to me. Once my client heard the name Dorothy, everything I'd told her at the start of our conversation made sense.

My work is emotional, exciting and often funny. With one client spirit shouted the name, Bruce, over and over as soon as she entered the room. She didn't know any Bruce's, living or dead. I talked to her about a man who suicided, and the details about his life and death were accurate. I adopted his personality and mannerisms, and my client laughed and cried. Both of us commented that he was a joker, his name was Wayne. Bruce Wayne, Batman! Yes, and the Joker :).

Talk soon, Simon, Gegu and Donkey, “Donkey? … Donkey! Oh, there you are. I didn't see Frodo come in.”

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