Thursday 25 July 2013

Cancer, Desmoid Tumors, Healer, Faith & Courage

I posted this on FB. Some points need elaborating and in time will be published in a book I’m writing now. The comment from a client surprised me. I’m grateful she shared her courageous story.  
I don’t give medical advice. I share my failures and successes. Energy healing is an option and is still considered an alternative healing modality. I’d like to change that.

This year, I’ve done numerous healings for cancer and have had tumors shrink and disappear, shrink and become stable, and no change. Clients have reported improved health and blood work and that doctors have been surprised by the changes.
I have no medical training so I can’t comment on the illness, traditional treatments, or doctor’s reports and surprise.
The health of clients means the world to me. A healing state can be switched on in a body. Immune systems can be supported. Pain reduced and switched off. Health switched on. An ebb and flow (an analogy, but a good one) response often occurs: wellness, illness, wellness, illness, and, desirably, complete health. The periods of wellness increase, but often the severity of illness seems increased: pain and symptoms worsen for short periods of time.
The healing state is affected by environment: emotional environment of self, family, friends and medical practitioners — staff and location.
To heal, the environment of people, time and location need to be healed or disconnected (another analogy, because everything is always connected at varying frequencies or degrees) from the subtle energy fields of the body.
Fear attracts fear. Doubt attracts doubt. Truth heals. Love is the response. Spirit love us, not unconditionally, conditional by the vibrations in our energy field/consciousness.
Truth! Are you afraid of dying, of living? It’s okay to be afraid, to have doubts, but have courage too. The frequency of healing travels quicker on the threads of what’s true and that’s what’s unconditional. The healing frequency sees what is, not what we believe, feel or react to. Zero reaction. It’s there that healing occurs.
Sometimes the good intentions of others inhibit health or hold you in illness. Both states are different. It’s subtle and that’s the only true thing I do when I’m healing. Everything is subtle. I don't control the response. I trigger the response.
Something to think about. J

I am living proof of Simon’s work. I have to pick up my kids from school now but I WILL RETURN with my story. Stay tuned! Xxx
Hey-ya. So I was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease in early 2010 — desmoid tumors. I had one tumor in my side and had surgery to remove in May 2010. In August 2010 MRI confirmed a reoccurrence with another tumor twice as big and twice as aggressive. In early 2011 I had 30 rounds of radiotherapy to try and kill this new tumor. It worked and that tumor became dormant (no growth). But in 2012 another MRI confirmed two more tumors. We monitored their growth and by late 2012 one had attached itself to my ribs. With radiotherapy no longer an option my choices were down to a) chemotherapy with only 12% chance of success, or radical aggressive surgery. This surgery was to involve removing my entire left side of my body from my hip up to my chest. Taking out all the muscle and tissue, taking out two ribs and rebuilding my body with tissue from my thigh and using mesh to build my body wall. I would never be the same after this surgery. I pleaded for 3 more months to make my decision.
It was in that 3 months I asked Simon Hay to heal me. With nothing to lose and everything to gain I lay on the bed and put all of my faith in this wonderful man. He described the inside of my body so accurately. Describing the tumors and its tentacles as cobwebs (exactly as the doctors describe it). He had spirit doctors working on me for an hour and at the end he said, ‘we have turned all the tumor cells off. It is now dormant.’
I had my follow up MRI a few months later and the doctors actually called me back after I had left. I was in the car park leaving the hospital when my name was called over the load speaker! Feeling very alarmed I went back and they told me I needed to get back in the machine for more scans. They would not tell me why. Fearing the worst I lay back in and fought back tears for another 20 minutes whilst thy scanned me again. After an agonizing 7 day wait I got my results ... NO GROWTH. TUMOR STABLE. In 4 years this has never happened. They have always grown. Overjoyed they informed me I could go another 3 months of monitoring. So I once again avoided the dreaded decision of chemo or surgery.
Two weeks ago I had another healing session with Simon. I had an MRI last week and literally just got back from seeing my oncologist who was delighted to inform me once again, ‘NO GROWTH. TUMOR IS DORMANT.’ With no medical explanation, I haven’t had chemo, or any other drugs with this new tumor. I’ve only had healing sessions with Simon. And for the first time in 4 years I can go SIX WHOLE months without a scan. The doctors are that impressed with my unexpected results that they have prolonged my next scan.
To think that I was about to put my body through an irreversible operation that would leave me completely damaged, or pump poisons through my blood stream with such a minimal success rate leaves me rattled. I am forever thankful to Simon Hay for using his gift to heal me. Trust in the process, trust in him, and trust yourself. Xoxo

Rach, thank you! 

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  1. Hi Simon - that is wonderful news for J ... I'm so pleased for her.

    It's great the opportunities you give us ...

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary :)

    You're welcome & thanks for commenting. Much love to you & family.

  3. This is an awesome healing. I love to hear true stories that build hope in other people and this is a great example. I received a distance healing and got a complete change in my attitude and relationship with my husband who was staying at the bar drinking from noon till after mid-night. At first, it was only my emotional state that changed----from fear and anger to love (and some fear) which I KNOW that he felt (feels). And that changed him, slowly and gradually. Recently, something happened at the bar and he made the decision to never go there again! It has been almost a month and he has stayed home!! I pray for him constantly and I am sure that all of this is related to the healing I received from Simon about a year ago. Thanks, Simon and Spirit! I will book another healing when the time is right. The distance definitely does NOT matter!

    1. Hi Jean. That's a great story. I'll continue to think of you both.