Wednesday 16 October 2013

No, you don’t have a body buried under your house!

Twice this month I’ve heard stories about psychics telling people they have a body buried under their house. Apparently, hidden bodies cause children to misbehave and not sleep. The psychics also suggested rituals to cleanse the bad energy.

My suggestion: tell the psychic to leave and spend more time with your children. Clean, don’t cleanse your house.

My partner and I found a body. It was concreted in a barrel. The only bad energy was the shock of realising what we were looking at. If you have a body under your house, don’t dig it up. If you do, fortify yourself by watching The Walking Dead series and drink bourbon.

Psychics, don’t be dicks!

When I travelled to New York State, I saw visions of Native American Indian massacres. I travelled past historical sites and was disturbed by the energy there. I saw deaths and spirit asked me to heal the site and the people in spirit. 

At home, in NZ, and here in Australia I’ve had similar experiences with Maori and Aborigine in spirit. I’ve visited locations that agitate me. I feel watched and I’ll see images from the past.

Most people won’t be affected or be aware of the energy in such locations. Some will. It’s fear that causes an uncomfortable reaction. Time is flexible. The past exists in the present. We’re a body of light/information and we’re reactive to emotion and events that have happened in the past.

Stay calm, take a deep breath, and smile. Faith and compassion create peace.

And, “Mr Psychic, no, my house isn’t built on a burial ground.”
Stay calm. Stay calm. Bugger it! “Daryl! Where’s ya bow!”

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