Thursday 31 October 2013

Psychic or Medium: How did you die?

There are degrees of accuracy between spirit communication and psychic readings. In both situations the information can be misinterpreted and it’s important for mediums to not let their personality, emotion and life experiences contaminate the information.
Psychic information is influenced by many factors: thought, speech, action, reaction, consequence, and location of the subject and participants of an event. In a publicised event, like a murder, it’s common to read the publicity and opinions of others rather than facts.
If the first psychic reads misinformation, another could intuit the same wrong information. It’s true by default, but not factual. Once the murder becomes a media story the information is now influenced by the public’s thoughts and actions.
Sadly, it’s easier to be wrong than right. I believe, to increase accuracy, psychics need to know how they’re working, what they’re really thinking and feeling, and be honest about all aspects of themselves.
Sometimes with suicides I’ll see multiple causes of death. I know a spirit is present, I see multiple suicides, but I don’t see the suicide. That’s a psychic reading. A medium reading is: I see and can describe a male in spirit, I hear the name John — I might only see the J and o knowing it’s a name that begins Jo — I smell alcohol, see a location, not the cause of death, but know it’s a suicide. That’s a conversation, using information rather than language with spirit.
I ask, “How did you die?” The spirit may not answer or I might not hear the answer.
“I killed myself.” But he doesn’t say or show how. I might feel the death in my body: I choke, my neck is stretched, I feel wet, I hear a bang, or I smell something —another conversation using information. In this case I’m empathic to, intuitive of the information stored in the spirit’s energy field/signature.
The spirit doesn’t want to tell me how he killed himself, but the client needs to know to believe I’m communicating with John. That information can be hidden by the emotional state of the client. Desperation and grief can sometimes, but not always silence the information.
Every reading is different. Similar to talking to a living person, conversations ebb and flow.
In some, there’s a perception that mediums and spirit should know everything, but that’s not true. Advice from spirit is still delivered from the personality and platform of the lifetime of the spirit. If dad gave lousy advice living, he’ll give lousy advice dead.
From spirit, the degree of truth increases though, which is difficult for some clients to hear.
“You’re responsible.”
“No I’m not. My spouse is a pig!”
Maybe, but you’re still responsible.
A psychic interprets information/frequencies of consciousness. A medium delivers, hopefully accurately, information.

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