Thursday 4 December 2014

Certainty is a Good Name For a Cat, But an Unpredictable Component of Energy Healing

Recently, a client described his healing experience as, “watching a miracle happen.” He contacted me because he had a large hernia and wanted to avoid surgery. After the first distant healing he noticed the hernia had reduced 20% and described feeling the muscle tissue being reconnected during the healing. Over the next few days, he observed an improvement in his skin, overall health and attitude to life. By a week, the hernia had reduced 40%. I’m anticipating a 100% health response.

He booked another distant healing and we spoke again via Skype. He mentioned that he felt the presence of angelic devas during the healing and asked me about my process. How did I heal him? It’s a question I ask spirit and myself often.

Firstly, I believe, in the field of alternative healing, descriptions of technique need to be simplified. My guide, Gegu, uses the phrase, “the technique of no technique,” to describe my process. He also encourages my spiritual journey, my life, to be, “the path of no path.” He directs me to be curious and flexible, not fashionable and rigid about spiritual beliefs.

I’ll share a few points that I feel are important to achieve a healing response in clients, but the idea that something’s important or not creates tension in human consciousness. This affects the field of consciousness/the universe, which in turn hinders or accelerates change. Certainty is a good name for a cat, but an unpredictable component of healing.

·      Faith: Have faith. Despite what the outcome of any healing is, I have no doubt that I can heal all things. Faith is a state of being detached from all others. Faith is a silent unaffected observer.
·      Intention: Likely the most powerful component of healing. Intention without expectation and interference. My only intention is to heal, not heal a specific thing or in a particular way. Simply, create wellness.
·      Courage: During healings, depending on your psychic ability and connection to spirit, it’s possible to see and feel terrible things. It’s unsettling, but, to trigger a healing response in some clients, necessary.  
·      Know yourself: A health response can be triggered with a gesture, eye contact, a word, a conversation, an emotion, a myriad of things. Consciousness, energy fields of clients and spirit merge and communicate. I become my client. If I don’t understand what I’m feeling, then it’s possible to miss a trigger point to start the healing process.
·      Connection: Our connection, and the quality of that union, to spirit and the universe provides the tools we need to change the frequencies in client’s energy fields. During healings I’m willingly spirit’s puppet. Spirit overlays in my energy field, and, at times, I’m not myself. Everything we need to heal is in consciousness/spirit: modern day surgeons, ancient shamans, body and energy work therapists from all periods of time and cultures are present. Time and space are flexible and past and future frequencies of health are accessible.
·      Detachment: It’s possible I’m going to contradict some of the previous points now. Energy healing is and is not all things. Detach from everything: belief, technique, emotion, outcome, time, life, etc. Everything.

There was a time I’d have added love to this list, but now I believe love is the response. Human love is complex. Spirit’s love is peaceful. We meet somewhere in the middle. Spirit loves us when we can’t love ourselves. I love you, I really do. Some of you will doubt it, some will fear it, others will hold onto it so tightly that you’ll neve be free, and when you realise I’m just a regular guy, you’ll feel cheated.

Unconditional love? It’s something we desire, but the longing for it haunts us. It’s an illusion we can escape in, but human love is always conditional. I prefer to be curious, grateful and surprised. Kind words. Kind gestures. That’s what we need to heal. Love will follow. 

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