Wednesday 15 October 2014

Chronic Illness? Don’t Be Afraid Of Dying

For clients and I, a difficult aspect of my work is when clients get a negligible or a nil health response. Spirit advises that all things can be healed, and it’s confusing and often hurtful for everyone involved when no change occurs.

From experience, some clients need multiple healings close together to get a response. When nothing happens it’s hard for clients to have faith. The percentages for success are high, but that doesn’t ease disappointment, and, for clients, often leads to anger, depression and the inevitable question, what’s wrong with me?

Compassionately, for people with chronic illness, don’t be afraid of dying and don’t be afraid of living. Our will to live is powerful. We fight for every moment. Be strong and peaceful of mind, but surrender. Don’t fight to live. Simply live.

Wanting something isn’t allowing what we desire to manifest. Be grateful.

Souls don’t choose suffering. Humans, by behaviour, lifestyle and choices do.

Sprit and I may not be able to heal you, but we will always love you. We care and we work tirelessly to help you.

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