Tuesday 30 September 2014

I’m Loathe to Shout, “Miracle!” But …

I posted the previous blog post, Apathy is an Addiction, on FB and a client left this comment.

“Last week I went to my doctor for a check-up. The first in 18 months, when previously I’d see her quite a few times a year. She asked me how I’d been, and I told her that the mysterious, periodically debilitating condition I’d suffered for the past ten years had not recurred in that time. She asked me what had changed, and I said I’d been to see Simon around the time of my last appointment with her, with a follow-up session with him 3 months later.
I grew up in a charismatic Christian environment, but have since found my own path, and am loath to shout, “miracle!” But the fact is, I was serially unwell, and now I am not. Also, this has been the first year I can recall without suffering colds and flu and slow-to-go coughs. Thank you Simon, thank you spirit.”

Thank you, Melanie. Despite occasionally commenting on FB with Melanie, I didn’t know about Melanie’s health response until now. This is a common occurrence. Usually, I find out about this type of news from new clients referred to me by past clients who had a health response. Most of my successes are unrecorded, and that’s okay. I’m grateful.

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