Saturday 27 September 2014

Apathy is an Addiction

I've noticed a lot of people with long term debilitating illnesses won't try energy healing. Some of those people have spent hundreds and in some cases thousand of dollars on modern health care. Despite that investment they're still ill and either suffering the affects of prescribed drugs and treatments, or are addicted to the drugs and treatments.
I don't believe practitioners of traditional health are uncaring or unprofessional, but the majority seem inflexible. Granted, the lack of personal accountability and responsibility in modern society have contributed to and caused poor health, but health care is failing. Gather a group of friends and family together and someone will have a concerning health care story to share.
I've had many clients who had an initial healing response after a session, but didn't have a follow up healing. In time, the positive health response is dismissed and forgotten.
Apathy is an addiction and from my perspective, so is illness.
In my opinion, there's a worrying history of failure in alternative health that needs to be addressed. A high percentage of my clients have seen other practitioners of energy healing modalities and have never had a positive health response. They felt something, and most enjoyed the experience, but nothing changed.
Again, it's up to clients to engage in creating health and making healthy choices, but the low percentages of consistently successful healers is a concern.
I also have had a nil or negligible health response many times. Sometimes I know or suspect why, but often I don't. Despite this, my percentages of success are high, consistent and increasing. And it's that that gives people hope and encourages them to invest in alternative healing.
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