Thursday 25 September 2014

Distant Healings, Writing & Chatting With Jesus

If you've booked a distant healing with me, the healing will continue for days. I meditate regularly and always do follow up healings for clients with injuries and illnesses. Some of those healings continue while I'm sleeping. I see client’s faces when I fall asleep and have vivid dreams. Spirit and I work tirelessly to heal you. We heal your family, friends and community. We heal others, living and in spirit, with similar illnesses.
Sometimes it exhausts me, leaves me feeling ill and agitated, but I do it because I can. Sprit trained me for this. Thousands of healers in spirit work with me, and their craft, stored in the universe, works through me. They live again. It’s not a divine a gift, it's a trade, commitment, and faith.

Since I haven't written anything for weeks, I’ll be waking at 4 AM to write for 2 hours. I’m hoping for 500 words/day. Spirit’s been asking me to share my journey, my thoughts, and the things they've taught me. They’ve been encouraging me to find time to write.

Jesus and his family visited me in Halls Gap. I pulled the chairs around the kitchen table out for them, which is something I normally wouldn’t do, but their physical not ethereal presence made me feel like I needed to. Jesus said hello and told me not to look back, to have courage, and reminded me that many in spirit support me. Spirit, curious about how I heal, frequently watch me healing.
In Jesus’ company, my hands heat up and red marks, where the nails were driven into Jesus’ hand, appears on my palms. Some years ago the marks on my palms were also visible on the backs of my hand, and I could almost see through my palm. I still wonder why I have these experiences, but I’m not nervous about them.
Jesus, not Jesus is my friend. He's a complex and simple man. He describes me the same way, which is kind and accurate.

I'm grateful for the extraordinary and simple life I lead. Talk soon.

View from the Base Camp cafe, Halls Gap

View from the hill behind the holiday house I stayed in

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