Saturday 10 September 2016

Soul Healing & Hypothyroidism

Thank you, C, for this testimonial.

I encourage clients to have more than one session if they don’t get a noticeable health response after the first. Often, the first session deals with emotional trauma. Also, if clients are fixated on receiving messages from spirit rather than health, the outcome will reflect that.

Over the past year I’ve had three sessions with Simon. The first two were in-person and the last via Skype. Although after each session I felt significant changes in the days and weeks following, it was the last session that the most dramatic changes occurred. My overall health, the things I thought were ‘a part of life’, has been completely altered and I’m still in shock about how I’m feeling.
I’ve had hypothyroidism for a good 5+ years, suffered constipation or the opposite for as long as I can remember and was told I was anaemic following the birth of my most recent birth despite taking iron supplements throughout the pregnancy as well as a variety of other supplements to boost or counteract other side effects.
After the healing I was noticing my thyroid 'acting up', my bowels seemed regular as well as my daily energy levels boosted. I have even had friends say I was glowing and looked different!
At my routine endocrinologist appointment my Dr. was shocked that firstly I hadn’t received an iron shot as my iron levels had increased so much (not usual on just supplements as they normally take time to build up in the body) and that my thyroid levels were finally in the normal range! We discussed trialing me without all the current supplements and I will have another routine test but I have absolute faith and trust that Simon and spirit have healed me of these frustrating conditions and I will no longer need my bloods taken every 6-8 weeks! ~ C from VIC, Australia

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