Tuesday 30 August 2016

Soul Healing is the Real Deal

People don’t generally walk around thinking about the spirits of ancestors, angels, and helpful forces that may be around them. Many people don’t even believe that such a thing exists. But for people who have had personal encounters with Simon Hay, experiencing is believing. After they have had up close encounters with him, spirit, and healing they generally says, “He’s the real deal.”

Simon Hay was born in New Zealand, but moved to Australia at the age of 22. After a deep personal experience, gifts were unlocked that have led to people calling him the Soul Healer.

For over a decade, Simon has traveled the world hosting events and booking personal healings with people who walk away feeling like their life has changed. One such person was Sara M. from Delaware.

Sara describes the two years of her life dealing with Chronic Vestibular Migrainous Vertigo with Aura as, “wasting away in the dark, alone.” Despite aggressive treatments, she could only find temporary relief, and her symptoms would always return. She lived much of her life in the dark with no sound, feeling agonizing pain.

That’s when she saw an online post about Simon Hay’s events in Wilmington, Delaware in March 2016. Ready to try something new, she booked a private session with him immediately.

To Sara, the healing with Simon was like an out-of body-experience. She experienced a moment often shared by Simon and his clients, where something inside of him delivers the message, “I love you.” Sara says she felt chills and the answer inside, “I love you back.” That’s the moment that she identifies as the start of her healing. Sara hasn’t experienced another migraine since she started healing sessions with Simon.

“The gift of healing from my Chronic Migrainous Vertigo that I received from Simon Hay and spirit is nothing short of a miracle in my life,” Sara explains. “Not only have I gained a new outlook on life, I have my family and life back. I am now continuing my work with Simon and spirit to clear any remaining effects of my illness, and Simon and spirit assist me in blazing my newfound path in life. Through this work, I am also expanding my gifts of connection to spirit.”

While Sara’s life transformation is incredible, it’s not exceptional. Through over a decade of his work, people have been sharing miraculous stories about their encounters with Soul Healing.

“Some people are searching,” Sara expounded. “And Simon helps open the connection to their own universal guidance. That then opens the door to healing and hearing guidance. It’s like walking through the door to living a real spiritual connection and finding and living wholeness.”

For anyone who wants to change their life and open the door to a higher level of energy and consciousness, Sara presents a challenge: “I encourage everyone to open their minds, and hearts to this type of healing approach, no matter what your belief system. I have had more sessions since with Simon, and each time, another layer is lifted, another change is felt. I feel lighter, loved, more powerful, balanced and less stressed. I am emerging again, stronger, more resilient, and whole again. I am healing it all: mind, body, and spirit. I wish for this approach to health, wellbeing, and healing to be available to every being on this earth. Believe in miracles and the miraculous.”

Simon Hay is returning to the United States, September 17 through October 2, 2016 for eight events in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Then, by popular demand, he is returning to Delaware, where there are waiting lists on reserve for people familiar with Simon from his first trip, that want more time with the Soul Healer.  

Tickets and more information about Simon Hay’s upcoming events can be found online at: www.simonhay.com/us-tour-events-2016.

You can also connect to the tour’s Facebook Page and get detailed information about hotel and travel for the events at: www.facebook.com/SimonHayTour.

For more Soul Healing, visit simonhay.com.au
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