Thursday 11 August 2016

Jesus, Monks & The Wonderment of Spirit Connection

I’ve hosted many meditation and spirit connection evenings and consistently amazing things occur. Participants have physical encounters with spirits and angels. If you’ve attended one of those evenings and would like to share your experience, I’d be grateful for written testimonial. Thank you!
Thank you, Daryl, for sharing. Love and peace.

Once a week I sat in a circle of like-minded spiritual friends guided by Simon, and always the outcomes exceeded my expectations ten-fold. On one memorable occasion Simon announced Jesus was amongst us and at that point, superimposed over Simon's face, I noticed a face with piercing eyes, a prominent nose, long wispy hair and with slight facial hair on his chin. I was in no doubt I was looking at the face of Jesus. His aura was so bright and magnificent as to be blinding and pleasant at the same time.
Another amazing time in Simon's presence he promptly announced monks were with us and I immediately saw a group of men standing to his left in long white flowing magnificent robes. I watched these men and noticed they were wearing long cone-shaped hats, and as I stared in wonderment the white robes turned to a magnificent deep mauve.
Another awesome sight in Simon’s presence and as always, another amazing evening was to follow.
Thank you again Simon for such an amazing enlightening journey. Much love and light, Daryl

The events that started this incredible journey — The Disciple

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