Tuesday 16 August 2016

Energy/Soul Healing Heals Trans-generational Trauma

I’m not an Indigenous person. I respect Indigenous Culture and spirit and I write this article based on my experiences and conversations with spirit. Trigger warning: this article mentions suicide, sexual abuse, violence, generational and cultural trauma, and refers anonymously to people in spirit.

After sixteen years of doing healings and readings, I know soul healing/energy healing heals trans-generational trauma. Survivors of sexual abuse, from families who have had sexual abuse occur to multiple family members from present and past generations of family, have completely healed from addictions, PTSD, depression and have broken cycles of destructive unhealthy relationships.

Often clients need multiple healings to heal, but in some cases one session is enough. Usually people see me after exhausting traditional health pathways of consulting with doctors, counsellors and psychiatrists. They’re sceptical and untrusting, but courageous or defeated enough to try anything.  

A healing session with one family member can reach and heal other family members who don’t attend. Absence, distance and time are no barriers for healing to manifest. The healing also heals the timeline of generations of family in spirit. For sceptics, evidence driven researchers and health practitioners, this is difficult to grasp, but I’m certain of this outcome. The healing vibration affects change in consciousness and spirit, in the invisible forces that create life.

For me, the effectiveness of energy healing to address trans-generational trauma and mental and physical health issues has been proven time and again by the positive health responses in clients. Healing sessions start the journey towards health and change. Energy healing in combination with traditional health practices accelerates positive outcomes.

I’m writing this article with regards to Indigenous culture, but I’m not singling out Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or any other Indigenous culture. Trans-generational trauma is present in all cultures and socio-economic classes. It’s not specific to one culture or socio-economic group. From observation and conversations with clients, trans-generational trauma driven violence, sexual abuse, addiction and mental health illnesses are more visible and manifest publicly in poorer socio-economic groups and locations. Amongst affluent groups the violence, abuse and addictions manifest privately.    

Indigenous people don’t need another white fella interfering in Black lives, but I’m in a unique position to be qualified to have an opinion about the causes and affects of trans-generational trauma. Indigenous spirits have been communicating to me since 2001. Initially, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spirits, people who had died violently or tragically, presented when I meditated to talk to spirit.

During those meetings I experienced flashes and fragments of their lives and deaths. I see slide shows of still images and mini movies when I communicate to spirit. I also experience partial-fragments of trauma throughout my physical body. I’ve experienced been beaten to death, hung, shot, raped (I experience gender changes during healings), forced over cliffs to fall to my death, stabbed, skinned alive and set alight. I’ve seen massacres and, sliding from one body to the next, experienced multiple deaths.

In the early stages of my career, my body twitched, I felt impact on my body, bruising and marks appeared on my body, I fatigued, and struggled to cope with the communicating spirit’s emotions and fear. I handle it better now, but my experience is still physical: I hear, feel, taste and smell the experiences being shared. Suicides and murders are the toughest.

Indigenous elders in spirit have repeatedly asked me to help their people. The vibratory invisible forces of colonisation, Christianity, genocide, displacement, and racism are the causes of the states of health and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (culture, not Culture because that vibration (spirit) is active and present in people and Country, but, for some, now disconnected and the vibratory barrier of a colonial past and Commonwealth present prevent reconnection)

Energy healing heals spirit — living, deceased, fauna, flora, thought, action, elemental forces, timelines, invisible vibratory forces. Indigenous healers heal the same way as I do. They heal and work with spirit. Physical and noticeable changes occur in people, families, communities and nations when spirit is healed.

I believe Indigenous people will experience positive health and social outcomes when the vibratory frequencies of a colonial past and Commonwealth present are healed/neutralised. Elders in spirit believe I can do that because, what’s prevented sustainable and lasting health has been caused by white Christians and I’m a descendent of white Christians. I’m the cause.

Elders in spirit describe, when white fella’s stole Country and desecrated Culture an uncross-able chasm between Indigenous Spirit and Indigenous people was created. The vibratory forces of genocide, displacement, sexual abuse, violence, etc. tumbled into the chasm. It’s those forces I, in partnership with spirit, can heal. 

I respect that if you’ve not had the experiences with spirit and healings that I’ve had, you might be sceptical about the information presented here. Consider this analogy: if you’ve visited friends who have just had an argument, upon walking into their home, regardless of whether your friends are smiling and welcoming when you enter, you will sense something is off. Multiply that feeling by the millions of foreign racist violent hateful thoughts and actions done to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Where does that feeling go?

The mass of that force is so dense and powerful that it limits the advancement of the health and quality of lifestyle of Indigenous people. A colonial past and Commonwealth present are responsible for creating those limitations. In all cultures, historic vibratory forces and behaviours have created current social patterns and lifestyles.

Reflect on this story to grasp how the past influences the present and future. My stepmother’s nephew died in a drink-driving single vehicle accident one metre away from where his father died in a drink-driving single vehicle accident. The son not only died the same way his father did, but he also died at the same location.

I believe energy healing would have prevented that. Healing manipulates and changes vibratory frequency. Simply, a good healer communicates to the spirit body, “You are well. You are free from the past.” The healer’s power of intention changes and neutralises generational patterning.

The mind spirit cause-and-effect on a physical body is more influential than DNA and genes. I believe DNA and genes are created and affected by the mind spirit field. Scientists, thought and health leaders (read Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Rudolph E. Tanzi) are investigating and supporting this.

Trans-generational trauma affects all people, but in my experience is a more powerful force amongst Indigenous people. I believe this is because Indigenous people live and flow with spirit. They live in harmony with the earth. Non-Indigenous cultures manage and seek to control the earth. It’s that invasive controlling vibration that has disconnected people from spirit.  

Mass populations, land degradation, industries, technologies, religious and political beliefs, and dictatorial governance diminish spirit connection. Relaxation, peaceful lifestyle and connectedness to nature heighten spirit communication. Meditation quietens the static. Many non-Indigenous people believe spirit connection and enlightenment is something to obtain with self-development. Non-Indigenous people want to connect to spirit; Indigenous people are Spirit! The difference is subtle, influential and vibratory.

Both worlds intersect and coexist, but not harmoniously. The non-Indigenous world is a frightened schoolyard bully. Interestingly — and I’m generalising — trauma experienced by non-Indigenous people fractures the veil and heightens spirit communication, whereas trauma done to Indigenous people disrupts spirit connection.

I heal via intention. Soul healing/energy healing/spirit healing is the ability to see another state. Observation and reflection are powerful forces. I don’t see dead people; I see health. I see love. Intention heals; love is the response. The intention behind how we observe and interact with another affects the health of the observed. Racism poisons life and spirit, and, combined with the frequency of trans-generational trauma, is the driver of suicide, violence, addictions, and states of health and lifestyle.

We can change that.

I spend time on my friend Tracey’s cattle farm in Gippsland, Victoria. Relaxing in front of a fire at the end of our workday, Aboriginal spirits walk out of the surrounds and landscapes and join us. Most spirits are elders and children from the stolen generations (where children of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander decent were removed from their families by Australian Federal and State government agencies and church missions).

No matter where I am in Australia or the world, when I’m healing women, Aboriginal women attend. It’s women’s business. They overlay in my energy field and my gender changes. They work with other spirit healers from all cultures and periods of time. I’m grateful for their trust and faith, and they’re grateful for my service and love.

Together we heal all people.

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