Friday 26 January 2018

Energy Healing Heals Photo Dermatitis

Erin’s reason for healing was unusual and a first for me. After having laser treatment on her face she had what doctor’s diagnosed as photo dermatitis. She was allergic to sunlight and artificial light, which she talks about in her video testimonial.
Thank you, Erin, for doing the video testimonial and for allowing me to share our email correspondence.
Erin’s emails describe what she experienced during and after her healing session. I’ve shared many times that the healing continues for days, weeks and, for some people, months after the session. Also, many clients have described experiencing healing sensations and responses after thinking about me or looking at my photo and website. Our email correspondence shows this common healing pathway.
I’m grateful for Erin’s honesty and sincere gratitude. She’s an amazing young woman and it’s a privilege to have her trust and faith.

Erin’s first email after her healing on 9th Jan  

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much for the healing. I could definitely feel the energy or manifestations of the healing — a lot in my torso, heart, and eyes. It was a very interesting experience. I look forward to the next few days and will update you on any progress. Feeling very uplifted right now.
Thank you again for your kindness and willingness to help.

23 minutes after the first email

Hi Simon,
Just after I emailed I became very ill and have been throwing up. Is this anything to be concerned about? Very weepy now too.
Thank you

My reply 14 minutes later (I must have been checking emails at the time)

Try not to worry. The emotion and physical responses are common. I’ll think about you now and ease it.

I emailed again on the 12th

Hope you’re doing okay now. Sending love and healing, Simon

Erin’s email on the 13th

Hi Simon,
So nice to hear from you and thank you for thinking of me last night. I hope you are well. Yes, I am doing very well. I was quite sick for a short period of time Monday evening. It eased quickly after I had emailed you and hasn't returned. Thank you very much for that.
Again, thank you so very much for the healing on Monday. You are immensely kind and sincere. I have been thinking all week about your generosity and how very beautiful you are. You have made me so curious, too.
The experience is one I am so grateful for. It was amazing. No words to describe really. I felt the response again very strong on Tuesday evening when I went to bed, and still feel some of it today as I write this. Whenever I think of you, I feel it the most.  I have been quite emotional throughout the week. Not in a bad way at all — emotion provoked from thought and love.
I did view your picture at times (well, quite a bit really) and every time I did so, could feel healing. I also found myself having feelings of extreme guilt for a few days, thinking about how many people you help and take genuine interest in. I can only imagine the energy it must take to dedicate yourself so wholly to those who seek your assistance. I did view one of your videos where you mentioned that it is common to feel guilt about this, and feel better about asking for healing now.
I am not certain that my skin has had a significant health outcome at this point — there is still a reaction to artificial light — but I do know that when I woke up this morning, it felt very calm; exactly how regular skin should feel. Although it is light that affects my skin, the reaction is often felt throughout the night through to the morning: various degrees of inflammation, tenderness, tingling and a fragile feeling. None this morning until I was under artificial light again. On the left side of my face the inflammation also creeps into my ear, down my neck and into my shoulder. I felt twinges of inflammation on the left neck and shoulder throughout the week, but then none at all today. I do attribute this improvement to the healing. Thank you.
This week the sky has been nothing but solid gray. Cloudy and snowy all week here in Alberta, so I haven't been able to feel how reactive or unreactive my skin is to the sun — where major pain and reactions occur.
I am not sure I'm able to describe the other changes that have happened. Some sort of peace maybe. Definitely hope, an openness or connection to something else after a very long time of feeling none of these things at all. And so so curious about everything.
I would really like to book a further healing with you. I am not sure if you have a recommended time between a first and second healing. Please let me know.
All the best, Simon.  Thinking of you, and grateful for you.

Erin emailed again on the 14th

Hello Simon!
First of all, I don't know if you were thinking of me last night, but I woke suddenly, but gently in the middle of the night and my hand was on my heart, and I felt a glow (only word I can think of to describe the feeling) around my entire body. I thanked you and fell asleep again.
This morning, my kids and I decided to drive to the mountains for a day of skiing (an activity I can do when I wear a full face helmet or two masks to protect my skin).
There were no clouds on the way up, and the driver's side was facing east where the sun was coming up. I decided to not wear a mask over my face to see what would happen. My face was in the sun for a solid 20 minutes!!!!!! The first 20 minutes of sunshine my face has felt in almost two years without ANY pain. I kept saying to the kids, “Look! My face is in the sun! It doesn't hurt!” They couldn't believe it! I would say it felt at least 95% better. There was maybe a slight slight discomfort after the exposure. But absolutely zero inflammation, tingling, or pain.  The right side of my face feels healthy and the left is still a bit of a raw feeling, but no pain at all.
Simon, thank you with all my heart. Thank you. I really can't wait to connect with you again. I am curious to see how my skin will react to artificial light today. I haven't had that exposure yet.
Thinking of you so much. Very emotional and thoughts racing. Take care

My reply on the 14th

Hi Erin,
Thank you for both emails. That’s wonderful news! I was thinking about you yesterday after I finished another healing. I often place my hand on my heart doing in-person and distant healings. I also feel like I’m glowing.

Erin’s email on the 15th

Thank you, Simon.
Yes, that time works well for me. I am excited to see you face to face again. I could feel you very strongly last night. Lots of energy I felt moving to other parts of my body: through my legs, sides of chest, lower back, and upper arms. So amazing. I spent so much time thinking last night, and talking to you/energy through my thoughts. Skin feels very calm this morning. Clouds out now so will venture into the sun if they break later. Also, when I opened the photo album on my phone last night, there was a white and gold Simon Hay picture in my album from Tuesday night! What a surprise! I've attached below. Simon, thank you again for all that you are doing. Endless gratitude here. Much, much love.

& on the 16th

Hi Simon,
I hope you are well today. I am trembling as I write this and want you to know that the sun is high in the sky today. I sat in the staff room directly in the sun beaming through the window this morning and felt no pain. I was probably in the sun for an hour. People were coming into the staff room and could not believe I was sitting in the sun. I have always been in the darkest corner of the room. I kept kneeling on the coach, raising my face into the sunlight. I didn't care what anyone thought! And everyone was so happy! It was very joyous and emotional for myself and everyone I work with. On the left side of my face I can feel a very slight tingle still. Nothing like the excruciating pain I would get after seconds in the sun. I will do the video today and make sure I am in the sunlight for it.
Thank you so much, Simon. I am feeling so grateful and hopeful for everything that has happened emotionally and physically. And most of all, to you. 

My reply on the 16th

Hi Erin,
 That’s great news! I’m really happy for you. Beach holiday now on the to do list. Thank you for your feedback too. I’m going to share our email correspondence as a testimonial on my blog. Looking forward to chatting to you again soon.
Love and healing, Simon

There were a few short emails on the 16th & 17th that I’ve not shared here. This from Erin on the 17th

Hi Simon,
Here is my video. There isn't tons of light coming in, but I'm by a window and couldn't even do that before. It's longer than 3 minutes. I think it would take a good hour to truly describe everything that has happened this past week. There is so much more emotionally that has/is happening to me than is described in the video. I continue to feel strong responses every day. Some seem to hurt a bit, not painful, but some sort of ache almost. There have been so many different thoughts, new connections, strong emotions and very vivid senses. This morning someone walked into my office who hadn’t heard my news yet. She said, "You’re just glowing! What is going on?" And I feel like I'm glowing. Energy seems to come through my fingertips at times. I can't put into words what is happening.
Face was in really bright and hot sun today and felt small reaction after. A bit of discomfort, some tingling on left side. It subsided within a half hour. So much improvement, Simon. Such a relief. Not sure if I'm beach bound yet (first trip will be to Australia), but the freedom to be in a room lit with the sun and to open the blinds and curtains on all my windows, to drive to and from work unmasked, to feel the warmth of sunlight on my face and body again, indescribable.
I can't wait to speak with you tonight. Love and gratitude

My reply on the 17th

Hi Erin,
The video wasn’t attached. The glowing and energy through your fingertips is a great response. I’d like to see you in person one day or at an event because it’s possible you’ll make a wonderful healer. There’s more than healing going on. We’re chatting on Tuesday 30th at 7 pm, not tonight. I’m excited to chat to you too.
Much love, Simon

Erin’s response

Hi Simon!
Well, I did think we were meeting tonight (lol) and started taking some notes about my experiences today while waiting. I found myself meditating/thinking and was directed to lie down. I thought it was you doing this and we were just doing a healing/faith type thing. I felt hands on my forehead, very cool and calming for a long time. Very light waves occasionally in my stomach. Different from what I felt before.
I have been having enormous headache type things. They were very strong last night. I was kept up all night by them and felt that I could transfer them into my mouth (I hope this isn't too weird). I don't think they're really a headache. I'm not sure. There were other sensations too. Some kind of energy around my eyes, in my tongue, and many things happening throughout my body. I think I slept one or two hours but still felt really energetic today.
Anyhow, tonight my head felt very calmed by the hands. I kept talking to you or someone and the name occasionally kept going to Carmen. This happened last night, too. When I was thinking/talking to you. I think Carmen might be a guide/spirit. I get that feeling in the roof of my mouth when I write this, but I don't know. I don't think it was Carmen with hands on my forehead, though.
Ah, this is all so crazy.
I'm sorry the video didn't send. Let me try again. I have been having some tech problems with this iPad I'm using.
I would love to meet you in person for a workshop some day. Yes, something is going on here.

[Erin’s comment about being able to transfer the headache into her mouth is interesting and I believe planted by healers in spirit. I’m able to transfer client’s pain into my mouth and exhale it out. I don’t intentionally do this; it’s automatic. I talked to spirit about it after the first time I did it.
I recall a practitioner of a modality of energy healing (maybe pranic healing) telling me that he was instructed to touch the tip of his tongue to the roof of his mouth during healings. When she mentioned it I realized that I often automatically do that too. This may account for the strange sensation Erin felt on the roof of her mouth.]

My reply on the 17th & 19th

Hi Erin,
I agree that Carmen is a guide and a healer. The headache was caused by vibrational/frequency changes. I needed to change your energy field for your body to return to coping with light. We also have what I call a biorhythm and prior to the healing your rhythm was stalling and then rushing. I’m not a scientist or doctor, but that’s the way I describe it.

Hi Erin,
Your video is amazing! Thank you! I’m feeling very emotional and close to tears. I’ll probably cry later. We’ve had such honest conversations and correspondence. There’s something about that that’s beneficial to the healing outcome. I’m happy for you and your family. You’re an amazing young woman and an easy client. I’m as grateful for your health response as you are. Thank you for your trust, faith and courage. I know how emotional it’s been for you.
Love and healing, Simon

[After many days of healings I’m always ultra sensitive and feel like crying often. Watching Erin’s video and linking to her spirit/energy field released all the emotion I was holding onto.]

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