Wednesday 14 February 2018

Sore Knee? We’ve got that!

After many days of doing healings and readings, this happened without me being aware that L had a sore knee or that healing was occurring. When this happened, L was driving, I was her passenger and we were chatting about healings and being on tour. She messaged me the following day. Apparently I’m switched on when I’m not on. Thank you, L, for your testimonial.

“I have struggled with knee pain for a while and recently twisted my left knee, creating a greater level of lingering discomfort. While chatting with Simon for only a few minutes, when he was simply but passionately describing past healing outcomes, the pain in my left knee disappeared as though someone ‘reached’ in and pulled it out. The less mitigating pain in my right knee, that only bothered me during strenuous activities, has also disappeared. After a week that included exercise, yoga, and long work days, both knees are still pain free.”

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