Wednesday 25 April 2012

Happy Ovulating! PCOS, yes, we can heal that!

Much of my work goes unrecorded. It doesn't feel right to ask for testimonials: clients are overwhelmed, the causes of illness are complex, the conversations I have with clients are private, and for some clients, the healing response feels like a miracle and clients simply don't know what to say, or how to feel about the experience.

R wishes to remain anonymous, but I'm grateful that she shared her healing response. In my work, this is common. I have no medical training and I don't always get this type of response, but the incidences of improved or complete health occurring are high.

I heard about Simon through a dear friend, and how great her experience was.

I had some concerns about some elements from my past that still effected me to no end, along with some concerns about my future, specifically, becoming a mother and getting married. I longed to close some doors on my past in order to live a free and positive future.

I was given closure on a few things, almost like all the burden of those emotional instances in my life had been removed completely. The memory of them remains, however, the negative emotional connection has disappeared.

I was told for the past 4 years that the dream of becoming a mother may be hindered by PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and scarring from an operation I had had earlier. I was not able to ovulate normally or without pain.

The day after I saw Simon something amazing happened! I began to experience the normal effects of ovulation! This was confirmed by my doctor two days later who advised that there was a perfectly good medical explanation for this. One which he couldn't provide me after four years of tests and painful ovulation and other womanly episodes!

I am certain that the healing powers of Simon and friends were at work, and I look forward to my next encounter with him. xx love and light xx” ~ R, QLD, Australia

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