Wednesday 2 May 2012

Can You Heal Me?

Recently, I've been able to post some testimonials, and I have a few more to post, but I believe it's important to also disclose that sometimes, “I can't heal you,” but you can. Gegu, my guide, tells me that I can heal every illness, but what about those times I'm unsuccessful? I don't measure my success as a healer by the outcome. If I do one hundred healing's and I get no measurable response, which doesn't happen, I know that I'll get the next one. My entire being is vibrating at knowing, my subconscious mind is silent, I know I will be successful.

I can't tell you how I heal, I can only describe my experience. It seems unfair that some people get a nil response, a cruel cosmic joke. I feel those client's anguish, but I don't dwell on it, I simply move on. I don't believe that our souls have a contract to suffer, suffering is a human vibration, not a universal one.

Sometimes a soul's journey is over, the body is no longer a healthy host. In those healing's I'm healing the person to die peacefully, so the soul can transition to wherever souls go, but souls don't choose to experience illness or injury, they choose life. The living is up to us, and is influenced by our environment: the behaviours and emotions of immediate family, including friends, generations of family, community, and the citizens of nations. Everyone, living and past.

I'm successful when:
  • Clients have no expectation. They've been referred to see me, but they're not sure what I do. They're curious, relaxed, they may even be sceptics. This is why I get good results with sceptics: they're honest, “I don't believe you can do what I've heard you can,” and they turn up.
  • I'm not directed by the client or associates. “Heal my cancer, and no, I don't want to speak to my dead father. He's a bastard!” He's here because he's a bastard, and the energy (consciousness) you share has contributed to the cancer.
  • Clients contact me. Lots of clients have experienced healing responses after visiting my website, hearing my name, holding one of my business cards, being at one of my events, speaking to me on the phone, interacting with me on social media, and thinking about me. I don't know how this is possible. Some clients 'see' me as if I'm a spirit, hear my voice, see me in their dreams, and feel physical contact that they believe is me. I'm unaware of these phenomena. I'm not consciously doing it.
  • I'm not concentrating. Strange, but true. Don't force change, allow change to manifest. Trying to heal you, is the same as wanting to be well. Don't want, be! Despite the history of your illness, despite your symptoms, heal! I don't heal you, or your illness, I just heal.

I'm unsuccessful, or get a negligible response, when:
  • Clients lie to me. It happens. Yes, I'm the first person to know that you had sex with (?), lied to (?), stole from (?), used drugs, and … There's a difference between not knowing the information I intuit, and denying it's true. Lie to me, and you may limit the healing response.
  • Clients test me. I usually sense this is happening, but if you tell me you have nothing wrong with you, but you actually have cancer, it's possible that I'll not 'see' the illness, spirit won't prompt me to look further, and the healing vibration will be deflected. I may sense there is something else to do, but I'll end up frustrated and fatigued, and you will remain ill. Be honest! Don't like me, think what I do is nonsense, you only came because your partner forced you too, tell me. You won't hurt my feelings, but you will create the opportunity for the healing to be successful.
  • Clients think they know what I'm doing. I'm generalising, but I get the worst response with spiritual people: psychics, mediums, healers, anyone who has an opinion or belief about what I'm doing. You don't know what I'm doing, I don't even know what I'm doing, I'm just doing it! Human consciousness is the main barrier to health. That, and old fashioned laziness.

Healing is the bravest journey you will embark on, but first, you have to stand up. We're more powerful than we believe. Be brave and be well.

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  1. Hello, friend!

    I can't help but wonder if it may be part of that individual's journey to heal themselves. The process of trusting and having great courage as we get to truly know ourselves may be something that individual soul yearns for and needs deeply, and your part in that process when they come to see you may be in allowing that knowing to come through--as they are ready.

    With warm hugs from my heart,