Wednesday 13 January 2010

The Duck! (will not grow up to be a school teacher (I hope))

I’ve been lucky enough to go camping at Imbil, Qld, two times this Christmas break. I usually avoid camping over the school holidays because the sites are full, the toilets are dirty, and I like having privacy, but we’ve had a lot of rain this summer and this has kept some campers home.

The second trip I drove almost one thousand kilometres, with two extra trips to pick up and return Lilly and Jett. I need a bigger car. It was worth it; we canoed and swam, went to bed early, woke up with the sun, and didn’t look at a watch.

Scrappy Duck, my thirteen year old step daughter, kept us entertained. I was talking about farming and New Zealand, wild pigs, deer, possums, and sheep. All of these animals and more were introduced by white settlers more than two centuries ago.

SD: “So do you kill everything?”

Me: “What?”

SD: “You know, kill them and then eat them: pigs, sheep, rats.”

SD’s friend: “The Chinese eat crickets.”

Me: “What are you talking about? It’s a farm. We had ducks, chooks, turkeys, pigs, sheep, and cows, and yes we slaughtered them to eat.”

SD: “How did they get there? Did they walk across on the water?”

Me: “What?”

SD: “You know when all the land was joined and the water was shallow enough to walk over.”

Me: Stunned silence.

SD: “That’s what they taught at us at school.”

SD’s friend: “Crickets are supposed to be good for you; protein and stuff.”

One day these two young women will have children.

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The campsite.

The view from the tent.

Canoing towards the rail bridge.

Platypus country. We saw at least ten, eels, lung fish, bass, turtles, and lots of birds.

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  1. Ahhh yes.. nothing quite like getting away from it all, camping at the beach and relaxing with nature to recharge the batteries. Well the human batteries, for the kids it was more an issue of battery charge conservation by keeping their phones turned off unless they ran up the sand dunes to get in range for a quick update on incoming messages. I was asked about several nature topics whilst we were there. Such as are there really drop bears? naturally I explained that these were just koala's that are different to the ones that reside in suburbia. They are easily startled by the sight of humans and drop from the tree's with fright and then attack! Hey.. ask a silly question?? :) It kept the girls close to the campsite.