Saturday 3 July 2010

Book Review: The Desert Hedge Murders & Other Cool Stuff!

Patricia Stoltey’s The Desert Hedge Murders was a fun read. I don’t read mysteries and I had to read about forty pages before I was into lets-go-reading-mode. The characters are older than I am, and the story had a 'Golden Girls' meets 'Murder She Wrote' feel. I loved the back story, the interaction between characters, and the scene building was excellent. The locations were described with such clarity that I felt like I was actually there. For me, the locations became characters.

The story flowed well, but maybe because I’m a Dean Koontz fan I needed more suspense and terror to be completely satisfied. I’m still giving it 4 stars, and I’d recommend this book to: readers of mystery, the person who reads to relax, my uncle (he’d love it), my father’s generation, and writers struggling to write crisp scenes.

If this was a date, I’d txt and invite her to lunch the following week.
Here it is! At my house

Look what I found at a garage sale. Screams! I used to read and collect this series when I was a teen. Edge—sexy and dangerous—shivers!
My father carved this manaia out of bone, polished it, and gave it to me a few years ago. I don’t wear it all the time, but it hangs above my computer monitor. A manaia is a spiritual guardian and a carrier of supernatural powers. Traditionally, the manaia is depicted as a bird-like figure with the head of a bird, the body of a man, and the tail of a fish.

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  1. I think it's a very good book too and not something that I would automatically read.

  2. Aw, shucks, guys. You make a cozy mystery writer feel pretty darned good, considering neither one of you reads amateur sleuth tales on a regular basis. You are very kind to your blogger friends.

    I tend to read everything I can get my hands on, from political non-fiction to best-selling women's fiction. My favorite reads, however, are suspense novels and thrillers. I'm trying to write a suspense novel now, just to see if I can take it to the next level. We'll see...

  3. Thanks Paul, you said what I was trying to say in one sentence.

    Patricia, you're welcome, and happy writing. Suspense! I know you can do it.